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Get Creative with Kraft!

Premium white ink printing gives you more creative freedom! Now available to order through Print Quote request.

Turn heads while remaining environmentally friendly with 100% recycled Kraft. Even the simplest designs have major impact on this uniquely natural uncoated range of stocks.

Kraft paper is well suited for bakeries, florists, arts & crafts companies and anyone looking to show off their environmental care. Our wide range of Kraft stocks starts with the widely popular signature Brown Kraft Natural shade, boasting a soft earthy colour that can still be printed on with full colour.

Coloured Kraft options are also available, offering environmentally friendly paper that is easy on the eyes. Combine natural paper with exciting options of saturated colours to make your cards stand out! Go green with Kraft stock in Apple and Mountain Green shades, or choose from Burgundy Kraft, Dark Brown

Kraft, Burnt Orange Kraft and Navy Kraft. Black Kraft is the newest addition to our Coloured Kraft range, offering a soft black background with an organic look and feel - exclusively printed on with black ink.

Love our Brown Kraft, but miss the versatility of a white stock? 34pt W1S gives the best of both worlds with a 2-ply card: Brown Kraft one side and our Smooth White Uncoated stock on the back. 100% recycled, 100% unique.

Take your Kraft from subtle to show stopping – All Kraft options are thick enough to add a custom coloured edge. These stocks are perfect for adding specialty options like embossing or metallic foils, and can be produced in your own custom shape. Available to order by Print Quote request!

Environmental Logo

Show you care by adding this graphic to your card about the environmental credentials of the paper and inks used. Download and add it to your card design.

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