Premium Outdoor Business Card Holder for Vehicles

Vehicle Card Pocket outdoor business card holder, lid opened, business card on angle. Selling for you 24/7

“Why aren’t they calling?” Getting noticed but not getting the call is a reality for many small businesses. Truth is, your name and contact information are forgotten within 15 minutes of viewing your vehicle or sign advertising, even if the interested party has made an attempt to commit your details to memory.

“I need more time!” Small business owners are the ultimate multi-taskers – research and development, production, sales, customer service and shipping department all rolled into one frenzied bundle. Not to mention all this ON TOP of your daily household and quality of life concerns.

Vehicle Card Pockets is like a second pair of hands. It’s on the job as long as you are – and even when you’re taking that well deserved break – promoting your business and getting your name in the customers’ hands. And as small business owners, an effective means of promoting your business that involves no effort or time from your already full schedule is a real find.

Vehicle Card Pockets outdoor business card holder turn business cards, an under-used but highly effective marketing tool, into your ever present sales representative. On-the-spot or on the move, your business’s service vehicle, sign or advertisement is there with your business details to go. Whether for home business or advertising for an established concern, you’ll be impressed with what

our premium outdoor business card holder can do for your business today…

Take advantage of that exposure and take it to the next logical step.

Your business card is a powerful marketing tool.  Let Vehicle Card Pockets complete your car graphics, decals and auto wrap advertising.

  • On your cars, vans and trucks
  • On your signs
  • On your trade booth display
  • On your shop door

…with Vehicle Card Pockets, the possibilities are endless!

Vehicle Card Pockets puts your name in your potential customer’s hand. This outdoor business card holder goes to work for you 24 hours a day. Everyday.   Everywhere. Why risk missing another sale?

“It’s probably the quickest, cheapest way I know to turn your van or truck into a marketing and selling tool. I can’t imagine why someone wouldn’t want to use it.”

M. Cohen

A business-card sized advertisement in your local Yellow Pages will run you upwards of $2,400 per year*. That same advertisement in your local newspaper can cost $125 per day.** In each case, your ad is only one of many vying for the attention of the prospective buyer. Vehicle Card Pockets outdoor business card holder gets your name, and your name only, in the hands of your future customer.

You’ve done the work to get their attention – make sure it’s you they call when they’re ready to buy. 

*  2002 prices in a local market of approximately 900,000 people

** 2002 prices in a publication with a circulation of 85,000

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