Matte Vs. Glossy Business Cards

Printing-Business-Cards.jpegIt is important to know how to effectively use print materials to market your business. Whether you think print materials work or not, the quality of your business cards will always matter. When you give someone your business card, you’re not just giving them your information, you are giving them a card that communicates to people what to expect from your business, and your brand. The design, ink quality, and paper stock that you use all communicate the qualities of your brand and will impact how people perceive you.

While there are some best practices for printing business cards that are good to follow, the type of card stock that you use will drastically impact the look and feel that your cards have. There is a big debate between matte vs. glossy business cards, and which is best to use, and while it largely comes down to preference, here are some pros and cons for each.

Matte Business Cards

Using matte stock for your business cards can be a great way to give them a clean modern look. Paying a little extra for a premium matte card stock will go a long way, and is highly recommended to get the most out of your cards. The matte finish gives a nice smooth look and works great with designs and color pallets that are subdued. Having a matte finish will also take away any glare and will often look cleaner as

fingerprints won’t show after someone had touched it. If you like to write on your cards when you give them out, then a matte finish will provide a better surface for that.

Glossy Business Cards

Matte-Vs-Glossy-Business-Cards.jpegGlossy business cards have a shiny finish on them and are great if you want to make colors pop. If you are planning to have a photo or a headshot on your business cards, a glossy finish will make the them look vibrant and provide a great contrast. The finish will also protect your cards better than a matte finish, if you choose a high quality card stock. While it is a matter of preference, glossy cards can sometimes look tacky if they are designed poorly. To get the best results, get your cards professionally designed by a print company with a great reputation. This will ensure that your cards match the branding on all of your other marketing materials as well.

Final Thoughts

In the end, it really comes down to personal preference. Whether you choose matte or glossy card stock, the most important thing to remember is that your cards should always match your branding, website design, and all other marketing materials. The goal is to make your business cards into a positive brand touchpoint that is both beautiful and practical.


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