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business card adapter kit Disc Publisher 4100

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Electronic business cards are the next generation of business cards. They can hold a complete multi- media presentation of a company including video and sound. They can also be set up with an automatic web link to your companyís web site. The mini-discs also stand out due to their unique shape and size. More than just a business card, they can help you to keep in touch with your customers. Your business information changes regularly? No problem! Just update your content, then print and burn a new CD. Itís that easy. Itís as simple as that!
These uniquely shaped and sized CDs are not only great for business applications but also for a number of other purposes. See some of the possible applications listed below.

What are the benefits of using Multi-Shape CD-Rs?

  • Professional

    and premium appearance

  • Promotes corporate and product identity
  • Much easier to handle than printed marketing material (compact for storage and mailing)
  • Fast and instant access to comprehensive information
  • Easy updating of changing content

The Adapter Kit consists of six parts:

  • Input Bin for 80mm mini-CDs and 59x85mm rectangular CDs
  • Input Bin for 63x80mm "hockey rink" CDs
  • business card cds
  • Output Bin that fits inside the current 120mm output bin
  • Centering Ring for the printer tray
  • Centering Ring for business card and hockey rink CDs
  • New SureThing™ software with templates for all of the supported CD sizes


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Marketing/PR Event Marketing Audiovisual Brochures Multimedia Presentations Collateral Interactive Direct Mail

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Business Cards
Multimedia business cards with instant access to web pages and presentations.

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Greeting Cards

Ticketing Exhibition/Concert/Event/Ticket

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