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Babysitting flyer samples

Looking for babysitting flyer ideas? We put together free babysitting flyer templates to help you getting a babysitting job without breaking a bank.

Flyers (aka leaflets, fliers, pamphlets, or circular) are great to catch someone’s attention, and they are easy to make and easy to print. It is an effective way to get a job quick in the area where you are looking for a job since you can distribute the flyers to the parents easily. How to distribute the flyers? You could place them in the areas where the parents are likely to see them: grocery stores, coffee shops, churches, work areas, nursery. You can ask your parents if then can give flyers to someone they know or if they can place them at work. If the area where you live is safe you can also just become a postman and go door-to-door either handing out flyers or putting them into mailboxes.

How to make babysitting flyers

The easiest way to make a babysitting flyer is to use text-editing software. If you are using PC you could use Microsoft Word or OpenOffice; if you are using Mac you can use Mac Pages or OpenOffice. It might be difficult to come up with an idea for the flyer, and this is where free babysitting flyer templates make the work easier. Having a free flyer template in front of you gives you a good head start: you can see which information is relevant, add, remove, or modify text. You can also keep the pre-made design only and completely change the text to anything you want. Or you can keep the text and make your own

design. One thing is for sure: having to start from a free sample is always easier than starting from a blank page.

Once you are done editing don’t forget to save so you don’t lose all the modifications. Then just print it on your desktop printer or take to a print shop. If you are printing home remember that to get the best result and professional look find thick paper (180gsm or more) in your local office store. You can also go for textured or colored paper, this will make your flyer stand out more.

The information that you may want to include:

  • Your name: You can use your real name, the nickname, or something catchy like “the best babysitter for your kid”
  • Information about you: Tell the parents about yourself. They will trust their kids to you so they will want to know who you are. You can write your age, the age, the relevant skills and qualities along with the location in which the job is sought. Think what your strong skills are and include them in the text. People are always looking for baby-sitters who can be trusted, but also on time and available on a short notice. If you can provide that make sure you highlight it in bold.
  • Rate and availability: Make sure you mention how much you charge per hour and the time when you are available to babysit.
  • Reference: If you have worked before and have references you can mention that references are available on request. You should not include any names on the flyer.
  • Contact info: Don’t forget to include your contact information. This could be your phone, the phone of your parents, or an email address.

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