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It feels so good to finally get your acupuncture business cards. Holding them in your hands for the first time is a proud moment. It means you have a business name, a business phone number, a location to practice acupuncture, and a business website.

If you are interested in Free acupuncture business cards I have news for you. There is no such thing. Even if you print your own cards, you are still paying for card stock and printer ink or toner, which you will go through very quickly.

There is another cost to printing your own cards and that is in the form of time, not to mention frustration.

Only those of you who have ever tried to liberate their beautifully printed business cards by tearing along the perforated edges know what I am talking about. Trying to get a "clean tear" is nearly impossible and they end up looking like cheap business cards.

Quality acupuncture business cards do not have to be expensive to look and feel professional.

You can get your acupuncture business cards as close to free as possible without sacrificing quality. Many online printing services allow you to upload your own logo or graphics or choose from their vast array of designs and business card templates.

In the end, if you are smart about how you order your business cards it will cost you less than printing them on your own and they will look much more professional.

My favorite online printing service is Vistaprint because if you time it right with one of their "Free Business Cards" specials, you really can get 250 personalized acupuncture business cards for free.

Of course there is a catch. You pay for the shipping and a few optional upgrades such as a heavier card stock, a blank or personalized back of the card, or a glossy front. Even with these add-ons the price is still reasonable and the quality is very good. They also have very good customer service support (online and by phone). One time I paid $29.98 for Rush shipping (which was my choice because I thought I needed them ASAP). VistaPrint mistakenly did not get the order to me in the "Guaranteed 3 Business Days" due to a rare shipping problem. They promptly tracked the shipment, got it to me on the 4th day, and refunded ALL of my shipping costs. I also got several apologies, a follow-up feedback survey, and a few special offers to boot.

Come back here to regularly check VistaPrint's deals of the month. Also if this is your first order click on the following link to get referred by me and receive a First Time Customer Discount. I wish someone referred me to this program when I placed my first order. You will save a bundle!

And definitely look for their "500 Acupuncture Business Cards for FREE" deal, because they often give you another 250 cards if you pay an additional $2.99, or something too low to pass up. That's 500 business cards for $2.99!

You can decrease the costs of your acupuncture business cards if keep an eye out for specials, plan ahead, and:

  • Use Standard Shipping (which can take as long as 21 business days)
  • Use their templates instead of uploading your own logo
  • Use their basic card stock (which is good, but I prefer to upgrade to their "heavier" stock)
  • Let them advertise on the back of your business card. (I do not like this so I pay the $3.00 to have it removed, and I design my additional information for the back of the card.

To give you a better idea of actual costs, here are the details of an order for 500 of my acupuncture business cards, pictured front and back

below. I like a heavier card stock so I often pay a little bit more. Whenever possible, I wait for good deals like their 75% Off Premium "Custom" Business Cards.

This particular order includes an additional $3.99 for personalized business address labels, which I was very happy with. You can also see that I paid extra for the Glossy Finish and a color back side. These "extras" are worth it to me, but are not necessary if your primary focus is getting inexpensive acupuncture business cards.

Account: Points of Origin, PLLC

500 Business Cards............$2.99Color Back Side................$14.98Glossy Finish....................$11.99Return Labels, 140..............$3.99Carrier: USPSTotal Before Discounts:......$60.95You Saved:.....................($27.00)Total After Discounts:........$33.95Shipping(Slow 21 Days):......$9.90


Even Cheaper Business cards

I think $40 for 500 excellent quality, double-sided, full color acupuncture business cards is a good deal, but you can get an even better deal. For the same $40 (or less) price you can get 1000 good quality, color (one-sided) business cards.

You can get 1000 business cards for roughly $40 or less if you eliminate some of the "extras" and wait for a discounted special.The acupuncture business card pictured on the left is the actual card I use in my office and I got 1000 for $31.46. What a deal!

It is very convenient to have these cheaper business cards available. I often write little reminders on the back of these cards for patients, things like book titles, referral names and numbers, or websites. It's easy for patients to slip them in their wallet and I know they have my contact information. Of course I keep the other business cards available for patients to take and pass out to their friends, family, and colleagues.

I could have used the same color scheme as my double-sided acupuncture business cards with the "wave theme", but I get bored after a while and like to change the look of my cards. Interestingly, patients seem to enjoy the new colors and tend to take more. They must be handing them out because I am fortunate to have a very solid referral network.

In both of the acupuncture business cards shown above, I used VistaPrint's Free Business Card Design Template (it costs a little extra to upload your own logo). I have my business name, my name and credentials, phone number, address, and website on the front of the card. Re-ordering is easy because once you set-up am account with VistaPrint you have access to all your proofs, even the acupuncture business card designs that you made but decided not to order. (I have several of those in my account.)

Tip:Do not put your FAX number on your business card or any other print materials. It invites unwanted solicitations. For any legitimate business who needs your FAX number, they will call you to get it.

You can also create matching address labels, letterhead, brochures, flyers, folders, and other business materials, and Vistaprint will offer you severla of these choices during the checkout process. I like their address labels and often include them in my orders.

Try to budget what you actually need over the course of several months. You can save by taking advantage of their occasional offers for Free Shipping and Special Discounts. So plan ahead and check back here often as I update these links to their special discounts regularly

Although I love Vistaprint's quality, service, and support, go ahead and ask other acupuncturists and business owners what printing services they use for the business cards, brochures and other marketing materials. There are plenty of other good quality online printing services and the prices can be competitive. I am providing information about Vistaprint because it is the service I use to print my acupuncture business cards. I am happy with their quality, pricing, and customer service. Now that you have this information as a comparison, you may be able to find something better. If you do, let me know!

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