How do I import my contacts to the Nokia Lumia?

Your 'contacts' are the names and phone numbers that you've stored in your mobile (or on a SIM card).  There are three ways to do this:

  1. If you have a Windows Phone 8 (like the Lumia 925, 820 or 520) you can use the Transfer my Data App.
  2. If your contacts are stored on the old mobile itself (rather than on a micro-SIM card), you can transfer them directly into your Nokia Lumia using a Bluetooth App, as long as your old mobile supports Bluetooth.
  3. If the contacts are stored on your old mobile's micro-SIM card, you can remove it from the old mobile and insert it in the Nokia Lumia, which will then copy the numbers from the card.

    Note: this will only work with a micro-SIM card, not with a standard SIM card.

Importing contacts using the Transfer my Data App

  1. On your old phone, switch Bluetooth on.
  2. On the start screen of your new phone, swipe left, and tap Transfer my Data.
  3. Tap continue, and switch Bluetooth on.
  4. Select your old phone from the list of found devices, and follow the instructions shown on both phones.

Importing contacts using Bluetooth

It's simple to import contacts that are stored on your old mobile as long as your old mobile is Bluetooth-enabled:

  1. On your old mobile, make sure that all of the contacts are stored on the SIM card rather than just on the mobile's internal memory.
  2. Make sure you have inserted your micro-SIM card into your Nokia Lumia.
  3. On the home screen of the Nokia Lumia, click on the small arrow in the top right-hand corner of the screen (or just swipe the screen to the left).
  4. Select Contacts Transfer.
  5. You'll see a screen asking you to:
    • Turn on Bluetooth on your old


    • Set it to discoverable
  6. Click Continue, which will take you to the Bluetooth screen.
  7. Turn on Bluetooth on the Nokia Lumia, which will then search for discoverable devices.
  8. Select your old mobile from the list of discovered devices and click Press to pair.
    Both devices will ask you to confirm matching PINs (the Lumia will display the Pairing accessory screen).
  9. Click OK on both mobiles.
  10. Accept the Connection request from the Nokia Lumia   that will appear on your old mobile.
  11. The Nokia Lumia will then tell you how many contacts it has found - click Continue.
  12. The contacts will then transfer from your old mobile until your Nokia Lumia tells you the transfer is complete.

Importing contacts from a SIM card

As the Nokia Lumia uses a micro-SIM card, you can only import contacts by inserting a card from your old mobile if that mobile also uses a micro-SIM card:

  1. Insert the micro-SIM card, that holds the contacts from your old mobile, into the Nokia Lumia.
  2. Turn on the Nokia Lumia so it shows the home screen.
  3. On Start, tap People.
  4. Tap More ... then tap Settings.
  5. Tap Import SIM contacts, then do one of the following:
    • To import all of the contacts on your SIM card, tap Import.
    • If you want to select contacts to import individually, tap Clear, select the contacts you want to import, then tap Import.
  6. The contacts will then be imported into your Nokia Lumia ready for you to use.

What if my old mobile does not have Bluetooth and does not use a micro-SIM card?

If the contacts on your old mobile are not on a micro-SIM card and your old mobile does not support Bluetooth, then your only option is to manually copy each name and number into your Nokia Lumia.

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