Is having an address on your business card necessary?

This is actually an interesting question, because I don’t agree with most of the answers.

In the age of IT, in theory you could conduct your business from a Starbucks for all what I care. But, if I do business with you I do want to know from which country and where you are doing business from. It makes absolutely no difference if you are working from an Home Office or a real office location. Its your business model and offer that is interesting. Do you provide value?

Just that if your address has the name “First avenue” etc or so in it, I am likely paying extra for it that you are hanging up your business sign at an expensive place in case you are a sole proprietary business owner.

Doing business with someone means also being accountable. There has to be an address visible if I want to send a complaint or start legal proceedings. Not that it will happen, but I have seen websites of sole proprietors that had no address at all on their website. If they don’t have it on their website or a business card then I will back off. Your business acts under a business licence and will have a VAT number and therefore also an invoice address. An invoice address and office domicil should coincide. Only a

PO box is even worse. If you are sole proprietor be honest about it. It’s actually against the law to make your company appear bigger than it really is.

99,9%% of direct customer contacts are made upon appointment.

If a customer wants to see me, I will meet him/her at their place or I will receive customers at a place of my choice. Having a Home Office and or place of reception at another location is totally ok. As a service provider in IT, you are not a store owner therefore you control the location where you meet your clients. If you make a delivery, it will either be virtual or at the customer's office. Rarely at your own place.

Do yourself a favor and be visible with an address on all information you provide. If you use a home office for tax reasons, you are required to have separate locations that can be locked within your home. It’s all how you act. If you put a home office and another location on it, just tell the client to call first. A lot of respectable multinational companies have managers and directors abroad that work from a home office (since it cost less). There is nothing to it.

No address however is a problem even if your business is virtual and you have a beautiful website

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