Should I put 'founder' on my business card for networking?

Here's an article I wrote about how to keep  your business card from ending up in the trash can. I would suggest you just use the title "Owner". Using "organizational" titles like what you'd find on an "org" chart is pretentious for almost all micro-business owners.  

"A business card is, for many of us, the first contact point we make with others be they prospects or folks we want to make sure have a way to re-connect with us. But, how many of us have a business card specifically created for networking? A card designed for networking can be an incredible tool to help build your credibility, help you stand out and also build an audience of potential customers or make connections with people who could make referrals.

What’s wrong with what you’ve been using, you ask? Are you getting the kind of response you’d like? If not, try changing your primary communication tool – your business card. Here’s a few ideas for how you can take a plain, boring business card and turn it into a client generating machine.

Create a front side that is designed to help you stand out from all the other people whoattended the networking event. Remember, if it’s a strong event there could be

over 100 people attending.  Short of wearing a bright pink suit or a diamond tiara or a red clown nose, use your card to lock in your image.

  1. Put your picture on the front of your card. Not just any picture; look to create an image that showcases your personality. Maybe you want people to remember your bubbly  personality. Are you friendly? Are you open to questions or contact?  This will help people you meet remember you better.
  2. Another idea is to hand-write and digitize a little personalized note to be included on the front of the business card with your picture. Something like: “I enjoyed meeting you. Let’s find time to talk some more. ” This, along with the  picture, will make it easier to remember you. It also invites the person you gets the card to seek you out so they can learn more about you as mutually beneficial connection.
  3. Encourage people to use the mode of communication that

    you respond to the fastest by including either  your phone number or personal email address.

The back of the card is as valuable as the front. Don’t waste the opportunity by leaving itblank.  Although a lot of people have picked up on this; the back of the business card is still not used by everyone.

  1. When the person you gave  the card to goes home and looks at your card again, your goal is to have them actually do something, to engage with you again. The last thing you want is for them to clean out their pockets and just add your card to a growing pile. You must include a “Call to Action “. We recommend you give them a link to a web page offering. It could be a high quality free gift like an ebook or an audio file that they can download.
  2. Remember, this is a special card to be used for networking. You don’t need to put a lot of information on the back of the card, other than the URL where you want them to should go and a possibly a short description of the benefits they will receive from taking that action.

Here’s an example of the back of one of my networking cards. I have several different one each designed for a different audience.

“If you’re a business owner who really wants to move your operation to the next level find out how our BizCube Paradigm Business Development Series has helped other owners grow and improve their businesses…

Use this link to watch our video about the BizCube Paradigm and discover how a strong foundation and framework leads to growing a successful business.” Then you put the URL.

So, what are the benefits of having your own networking business

  • You will stand out in a sea of networkers all clamoring for attention
  • Your invitation is based on a value proposition
  • You can encourage engagement and develop relationships quicker.
  • You can establish yourself as an expert
  • You can use this technique to build your opt-in email list.
  • You get to finally make networking work for you

Once you’ve got a card that works for you, it’s time to start learning how to build
a great rolodex of other peoples contacts. "

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