Mini Business Cards – Half the size, double the impact

When you want try something a little different from the norm you can’t go far wrong with a mini business card. They may be small but they are perfectly formed and will really stand out against the regular sized crowd.

You may initially think it would be quite difficult to design to such small business card dimensions and still manage to get everything in (85 x 25mm to be exact) but in actual fact there is plenty of room for the essential details and no room to spare for waffle – even better!

The minimalist look looks great on these cards with just a name, email address and phone number on one side then your business name and brand colours on the reverse. These skinny business cards are so eye catching that they are sure to get you noticed at networking events and exhibitions.

To help give you an idea of how you can set up these slim beauties here are a few amazing examples of some creative business cards to get you

inspired for your next mini set.

1. Different coloured text can help keep your Mini card looking clean and clear when you have a lot to say.

1.png (1)

2. If you prefer to keep it minimalistic, this is how you do it. Whether you are using your own design or a business card template be sure to include your name, job and vital contact details.

2.png (1)

3. But just in case you do want to include more text, it pays to keep the flip side sweet and simple.

3.png (1)

4. Shapes glorious shapes! Geometric designs look great on the Mini card, and the more colour you use, the more eye-catching your card.

4.png (2)

5. However, if colour isn’t your cup of tea, the Mini card can pull off black and white in style!

5.png (1)

So what are you waiting for? For a business card that’s a strong all-rounder, opt for the Mini and get networking!

What would you put on your mini business card design?

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