WorldCard Office - The smallest business card scanner on the market.

  • Recognize business cards in 25 different languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, etc. Let you effectively manage and search all of your contacts.

  • Unicode design makes it possible to display various languages of business card at the same time.

  • Export/Import/Sync contacts to/from/with Outlook, Outlook Express, Lotus Notes, Palm, Pocket PC, ACT!, Goldmine, Salesforce, Windows Mobile devices and smart phones.

  • to flexibly organize business cards based on personal preferences, one category for vendors, one category for suppliers, one category for trade shows... You can sort them alphabetically by name, company, address or any other fields. You can add a note to a card too.

  • directly from scanned image or text in your email or documents.

  • Contact info can be directly scanned into Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Contacts and ACT! without launching WorldCard software.

  • Save contact data on flash drive and access the contact info on the flash drive on any PC. You can carry your contact database without bringing your PC or laptop.

  • directly to a single business card contact or by

    its entire category. You may also Cc or Bcc your recipient(s).

  • directly from business card contact.

  • allows speedy data import.

  • to find contacts easily and conveniently.

  • lets you restore deleted records.

  • such as digital cameras, web cam, advanced mobile phone and scanners.

  • WorldCard provides various print templates. You can also easily create your own templates and print contact information in different formats.

Offer you multiple views—Data Editing Mode, List Mode and Label Mode—making your contacts management easy and convenient

  • The WorldCard Data Editing Mode is truly unique. Just drag and drop data from your imported business card image, and your data will be automatically entered in the corresponding field. With Unicode multiple language support, WorldCard is capable of recognizing various languages from your business card image.

  • The WorldCard List Mode allows you to view all contacts in a spreadsheet. You can also sort data by categories based on personal preferences.

  • The WorldCard Label Mode allows you to view contacts by business card images and see the entered data for the corresponding cards.

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