The New York Times Crossword in Gothic

The Godfather, 1972


“Heard At The Movies”, Puzzle by Joel Fagliano
Edited by Will Shortz

Six film titles are rendered phonetically in this tedious Sunday crossword, clued byBEST PICTURE WINNER , 109A. What you get when you say 23-, 31-, 47-, 64-, 79- or 97-Across out loud — twisted stuff:

CHALLAH BOWED HEAVE,23A. Jewish bread / Played, as a violin / Throw (1950)

HONDA WATT AFFRONT , 31A. Toyota rival / Measure of power / Insult (1954)

DWELL FIERCE SUSS LAVE , 47A. Reside / Savage / Puzzle (out) / Wash (2013)

THUG ODD FODDER , 64A. Hooligan / Strange / Silo contents (1972)

WARDEN HAIRY PEEPHOLE , 79A. Wildlife protector / Difficult / Hotel door feature (1980)

HOW TOUGH HAVE RIGA (97A. “In what way?” / Like overcooked steak

/ Possess / European capital on a gulf (1985)

Other — APPIAN WAY (78D. Road starting at the Porta Capena), DRUG LAWS (47D. Narcs enforce them), HAMPER (86A. Load bearer?), INTERNEES (114A. P.O.W.s, e.g.), MECCAS (1D. Shopping malls on Black Friday, e.g.), MISS USA (1A. Halle Berry was once runner-up for this), RENE CLAIR (20A. French filmmaker who led the Cinéma Pur) , RUBENS (88D. “Daniel in the Lions Den” artist), SALAAM (40A. Peace in the Middle East); SARDINE (115A. Rush-hour subway rider, facetiously), SHELLS (6D. Beach homes?), MR SLATE (29D. Fred Flintstone’s boss), WATER RAT (48D. Marsh rodent), WUSSY (72A. Like a milquetoast).


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