The 6 Best iOS Business Card Scanner Apps

You're at a work conference. You're meeting people, shaking hands, and racking up your precious business card collection. You're getting excited about the leads that you'll be able to add to your pipeline. But first thing's first- you'll have to transfer those cumbersome business cards from their paper format into a digitized version, and then add them to your CRM. Here's where an iOS business card scanner will come in handy.

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If you want to streamline the entire process, you'll want to find an app that integrates with your CRM. Below are the best iOS business card scanner apps that will integrate with your favorite CRM solutions and help you stay on top of your sales games.

Zoho Card Scanner

Price: $0.99

As one of the most popular CRMs on the market, Zoho CRM offers its own business scanner app called Card Scanner. If you're already using Zoho CRM or one of the company's many other solutions, Zoho's iOS business card scanner is the perfect option. Once you take a picture of the business card, you can quickly import the data into tons of different Zoho products, including its CRM, its accounting solution ( Zoho Books), or its invoicing software ( Zoho Invoice).

Zoho iOS business card scanner

One user notes its simplicity in a review on the App store, saying: "Easy to use, saves me tons of time. Take a snap of a biz card, change around any odd fields, dictate my Notes and Tasks, UPLOAD. Boom: into Zoho CRM with notes, added a task, and added to my contact manager."

Insightly CRM

Price: Free (with an Insightly subscription)

Insightly is another popular CRM that offers its very own business card scanner as a feature of its full-blown iOS app. Along with contact management and an integrated calendar, you can batch scan up to 10 business cards at once, depending on which subscription plan you're on. Once you scan the cards, Insightly will send you a notification after the contact has been created. From there, you can tag contacts and add different levels of permissions for who can access them.

Insightly iOS business card scanner

The kicker: you must have an Insightly subscription in order to make use of the mobile app and its business card scanner. If, however, you're also looking for a place to store all of those contacts, you can give Insightly a try with a 14-day trail, which will give you access to its mobile app and its business card scanning feature.


Price: Free

FullContact is one of the most popular iPhone business card scanner options on the market. As a full address book and business card scanner, FullContact for iOS is great if you're looking to house all of your contacts in one place. The scanner functions like most others, creating a contact from a scanned card. The best part is that it connects with popular CRMs like Pipdedrive, Salesforce IQ, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. It also connects with

Google Calendar and Microsoft Exchange so that you can sync contacts across devices and platforms, including the ones newly added from your business cards.

FullContact iOS business card scanner

It's also been noted as one of the best contact manager apps for iPhone on the market. As one iOS reviewer excitedly points out: "this one 'just works' and is great! I can sync with Gmail and iCloud. The business card scanning is a bonus, as is the email contact card collection. It's been a long time coming - finally there is a 'Dropbox for Contacts' - Bravo!"


Price: $4.99 for a Premium subscription

Believe it or not, you can use the Evernote app for iOS to scan business cards with your iPhone, but you'll need the premium version to do it. Once you're in the app, you'll have to access Evernote's camera feature to scan business cards. In order to get the best resolution, you'll need to scan dark cards on a light background, and light cards on a dark background.

Evernote iOS business card scanner

Once scanned, Evernote automatically creates a contact, which will sync across devices. You can also set it up so that these contacts get added to your phonebook. The coolest part is that an Evernote-Linkedin integration means that you can automatically send a request to connect with the person on the business networking site.

Here's a handy tutorial on how to use Evernote's business card scanner.


Price: Starting at $0.99; Various pricing plans for Lite, Premium, and Enterprise

ScanBizCards is another popular iOS business card scanner app. With three different pricing plans for Lite, Premium, and Enterprise, it's a good option if collecting business cards is a regular hobby. It has a lot of robust features depending on these pricing plans, including: cloud backup and web access (Lite); exporting to CRMs like Salesforce and SugarCRM (Premium); and lead management (Enterprise).

ScanBizCards iOS business card scanner

Along with calendar and integration with Skype to make calls to your newly created contacts, it also has a manual transcription option for business cards that are hard to read, starting at $0.18 per card.

ABBYY Business Card Reader

Price: Free

ABBYY Business Card Reader is another popular iPhone business card scanner option that will scan and recognize business cards in over 25 languages. Once you scan the card, you'll be able to save the data to your phone's contact book, with the ability to search for business cards through your iPhone's search function.

ABBYY iOS business card scanner

The free version is ad-supported and will let you scan up to 15 cards. After that, a renewable Premium subscription for $2.99 will get you unlimited business card scanning, sync cards across devices, export to Excel, and remove ads. While it doesn't import directly to a CRM, you can easily do so with the Excel export function.

If you're looking for a place to store all of your contacts, check out our list of the top 25 CRMs.

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