5 Business Card Slot Options for Folders

May 26, 2012By CF Staff

The best thing about business cards is that they are small and portable–but that can also be a downside when your contacts lose your card before they can get in touch. When printing a presentation folder, add a business card slot so that potential business deals are never lost in the shuffle. You can even order pocket folders with 2 business card slots so that there’s room for a partner or co-worker’s contact info. A business card slot or holder keeps your contact information handy and can be customized to fit the look of your folder design. Here are just a few of the stylish and serviceable business card options available to you when printing a custom folder design.

Four corner bus card slits for pocket folders

Four corner slots

Two corner slots is a popular choice for folders that include a business card slot. Two cuts are made on an interior slot at opposite ends so that one top corner and the opposing bottom corner are held into place. The other two corners are left loose for easy access to the card. If you want something with more security, four corner slots holds down all corners of your business cards.

Notched Business Card Slots

Notched slots

Instead of printing a folder with business card slot, consider using a notched style of card holder instead. Notches secure your business card using tabs in the

middle, as opposed to slots on the corners, creating a unique visual effect. Removing the card is as easy as sliding it out the side, just in case customers want to file it away.

Beveled Business Card Slots

Beveled slots

Beveled slots are one big arch that goes across the front of a pocket. This allows you to stick your business card in at any angle or create a fan effect with multiple cards. Printing a folder with a beveled business card slot shows off your company’s whimsical personality and creative flexibility.

Vertical Business Card Holder

Vertical slots

Presentation folders with business cards do not always have to be traditional to be successful. If you have a vertical business card, then you will need vertical business card folder printing options. Choose any slotted or notched design and turn it on its side to get the desired effect. Pair a vertical card slot with a vertical pocket to really grab the attention of your customers.

Different Buscards Slits for Pocket Folders

Custom slots

Printing a folder with a business card holder shouldn’t upset your custom design plans. Your business card slot can be modified to fit any unique style of business card. Die cutting lets you play with even more options by letting you shape the pocket like an image or logo. The best way to display a business card is the one that works best for your goals.

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