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Whether you're promoting a website, branding or just someone who wants an attractive email signature - you've come to the right place.

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Once created the system can automatically email it to you
Or you can simply right click - Copy and Paste into a new signature

  1. Enter your text
  2. choose from 100's of backgrounds
  3. select your layout.
it's just a picture, which can link to your website, Click Here! to get started

"The three key rules of marketing are: brand recognition brand recognition

and brand recognition."

What beemailcard is in detail

Email is a very powerful thing and still the most used method of communication on the internet by far.

Email signatures or sigs are text that you enter so you don't have to keep writing your name at the end of every mail you send. Typically you put your name and perhaps job title or slogan and then each time you start a new mail its there already written in the email.

If you have a website or blog you can easily put a link to it within your signature and many people do, But there are far more people who don't. I think the reason many people don't generally use signatures is because: well if something is working we don't tend to fiddle with it.

"if it aint broke don't fix it" mentality.

What I try to do is make it ultra easy and simple. my site

makes an image out of the words you type in. 1 simple picture which you can use as an email signature. It's the same as sending a photograph.

Why is it Free what is the catch?

There is always a catch: this is my plan:

  1. get people happy and comfortable using email signatures
  2. once they realise how effective free email cards are, some will come back and want us to make them a custom one with their logo and colours etc.

That's it, that's the plan and its working and some people have come back and email business cards are effective, far more than most businesses realise.

Word of mouth marketing is the most powerful form of marketing and that's essentially what an email business card gives you. Every enquiry, every customer, every support email is a chance to make an impression.

Email is not only used to communicate its used for reference too. People often dig out an old email to find details or more importantly forward details to a friend by way of recommendation.

"Anyone know a good builder?" "who made your website?"

"where is the best place to buy....."

Hang on I'll forward you their email�..

It doesn't matter how big or small your business is the same rules of marketing and brand still apply.

I have this motto.. well sort of a motto:

If I do work for you,
then you will make or save more money than it costs!

Which is pretty easy to say when you've got a free service

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