Best Business Card Holders

by Lindsay Law

Business card holders

Whether you're anentrepreneur, small-business owner or employee of a large company, you need a stylish business card holder to store and easily distribute your contact information to friends and acquaintances. With personalized business card holders, clips, leather and engraved styles, you're sure to find a card holder that works for you. Read on to find the best business card holders for your lifestyle and your company.

  1. Buy a leather business card holder for sophistication.To keep your business cards organized and easily accessible, find a leather business card holder you can keep in your pocket, briefcase or handbag for those networking moments when you need to make a good impression. A black leather business card holder with numerous slots to hold both business cards and identification will complement almost any dressy business attire.

  2. Look for a metal case.For a unique way to store your business cards, buy a business card case made of durable tin or chrome with an eclectic pattern or design on the front. Card cases with accordion-style flaps make it easy to quickly grab one or two business cards, and a chrome-plated

    business card case will make a statement before you even pull out your contact information. Buy card cases that are roomy enough to hold your business cards and ID, credit cards and cash to consolidate everything you need in one convenient place.

  3. Invest in a personalized card holder.A leather card holder looks even better when it's engraved with your name or initials. Buy a personalized card holder you can slip all of your essentials into and choose either engraving or a metal nameplate that shows off your style. For a special touch, purchase a leather card holder in a crocodile print or a statement color such as red or royal blue. A personalized card holder also makes a great gift for a new business owner.

  4. Find a wallet and card holder combined.A business card wallet allows you to carry your money and identification with your business cards and other company information. Purchase a card holder with plenty of compartments so that you don't lose anything. Buy a business card wallet to keep track of the cards you receive from contacts as well.

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