Titanium Business Cards by Superior Titanium

Premium business cards fabricated from thick titanium plate are the perfect way to give your business some extra attention. The recipient is much more likely to keep your high quality geniune titanium business card and there is a good chance they will show it off to their friends and family. We also make titanium VIP cards based on your specific requirements.

We only make cards from real titanium. These are not plated or just "titanium looking", but real solid titanium throughout. We also use a 0.035" thick titanium and use special processes to create a unique silky smooth feel. There is no other card like this in the market. Our titanium cards are typically the same dimensions as a standard credit card, so they fit nicely in a money clip or wallet.


In early 2013 the Anglo Far-East Company contacted us looking for a way to acknowledge

their elite customers. Anglo Far-East stores physical commodities such as gold and platinum bullion. We worked with them to develop what is quite possibly the highest end VIP cards ever produced anywhere in the world. Machined from solid titanium with a recessed pocket that features a 99.99% pure gold ingot, this card also has a black diamond finish that has incredible scratch resistant properties. Learn more about Anglo Far-East.

Titanium VIP Business Card

Contact us for pricing. Our pricing includes design consultation and engineering assistance to help you design the perfect card for your requirements and craft it out of pure titanium. Custom solutions starting at $1,200.00.

Blank cards are in stock. Due to workload custom projects are currently backlogged approximately 4 to 6 months. If you need a quicker turn around we suggest purchasing blanks from us and having a local engraver add your design.

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