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If you're looking for a Video Marketing edge or ways to increase your networking potential then Video Plus Print’s™ Video Business Cards are the answer. It's the perfect first contact deal maker that works every time. Inspired by the idea of helping business owners, salespeople, and other professionals introduce themselves to potential clients in a very personal manner, Video Plus Print’s™ Video Business Cards make delivering your introduction, along with your products and services, as simple as possible. By giving people a glimpse of who you are will help your customer move much quicker towards “know, trust and liking you”; a cornerstone to relationship building.


The Video Cards themselves are available in 256MB for 2.4 inch to 5.0 inch screens and 2GB for the 7.0 inch to 10.1 inch screens giving you plenty of storage for all your videos. There are variety of battery options

available, depending on your needs. Typical battery life varies from 90 minutes to 120 minutes of continuous play. This depends on the screen size used.

Screen Sizes

Video Plus Print™ Video Brochures come in the following screen sizes: 2.4 inch.

Control Buttons

Our standard video brochures have 6 buttons placed on them from play, pause, next, previous and volume up and down. You can opt for 8 buttons for additional features.

Production time

Our turnaround time is entirely dependent on the quantity required. Typical turnaround time for small orders take about 2 weeks, while bigger orders take 3 to 4 weeks.
Micro USB Port

The Micro USB Port is used for changing videos and updating video software and firmware. You can change videos or presentations by uploading them on to your video marketing product via the Micro USB port.

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