Create Your Own Business Cards in 15 Minutes

In Staples stores you can now design a business card and print out a supply in about a half hour. It’s called Business Cards in Minutes. I saw it in action when I was out in San Diego a few weeks back.

I was speaking at an HP marketing workshop held in a local Staples store there. Some of us arrived early and to kill time we wandered around the store. One of the people, Noelle, pointed out the terminal and said, “Need some business cards? You can get some before you leave today.” I thought she was kidding, but she sat right down at the terminal and started working on a business card.

Business Cards in Minutes consists of a special computer kiosk provided by Logoworks by HP, where you can design a business card on the spot. You can then get the cards printed right there at the print center inside the Staples store. Here is the photo we took of the kiosk while Noelle was in the midst of creating a business card:

It’s a pretty easy system to use. You walk through some text-entry screens where you’re prompted to fill in your business and contact information. You can use a logo (if your logo image is on

the Web). Or you can use a graphic supplied by the system. You can choose a vertical layout or a horizontal layout. You can customize fonts and colors. Here is a sample card of the kind you can create:

The cards printed in the store using Business Cards In Minutes were professional-looking, on good-quality white card stock.

Start to finish it took about 15 minutes to create the card. Then you put your print order in and wait for them to be printed. Depending on how backed up they are in the store, you could get the printed cards in 15 minutes. (Or you could go to the local coffee shop, have a latte and come back later to pick them up.)

As I remember, it cost about $29 to print 100 color business cards. When we were there Staples was running a special throwing in an additional 100 free cards with your order.

If you don’t have any business cards and want to create some easily on your own, or if you need cards fast, or if you need a small quantity of special cards for a particular purpose like a trade show or for a new employee, you might want to check out Business Cards in Minutes. It’s very convenient.

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