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By Scott Slagleon June 15, 2015

Color: Matte Polish Edge | Verified Purchase

I ordered 2 of these stainless steel cases. What arrived was black & clearly not stainless steel. These things are flimsy trash. Trust me. Don't waste your 2 weeks waiting on this shipment from China. Order a better product for a few dollars more. I just did...

review image review image 4.0 out of 5 stars Sharp Looking, but also Sharp Feeling

By Amazon Customeron March 11, 2013

Color: Matte Polish Edge | Verified Purchase

This is a great business card holder, make no mistake. It's very solid feeling, and it looks sleek when taking it out to give a business card to someone. It does have a couple of minor drawbacks though.The first is that the edges are very sharp, and it can be uncomfortable if kept in pants pocket. Normally I carry it in a suit jacket pocket, so it isn't a problem. However, on days when I can dress down I carry it in my jeans pocket and it's not the most comfortable experience ever. The other small issue is that because of how shiny it is, it smudges easily. Fingerprints will show on it, and if you don't take care to get them off it looks a bit sloppy. However, it's easy to clean and this should not deter you.

For the price I'm extremely happy.

By George MacDonaldon May 26, 2015

Color: Matte Polish Edge | Verified Purchase

This is goofy, very cheap, and clearly not stainless steel. It seems like they probably have boxes of different colors/styles/quality somewhere and the one you actually receive is whichever one they decided to ship that day. The one I got is junk.

review image 1.0 out of 5 stars What is this?

By Todd Marmoron April 27, 2015

Color: Matte Polish Edge | Verified Purchase

The item pictures is not the item that was received. The item received was wrapped is a red leather material. The quality seemed good otherwise, but I cannot use what was sent

review image 4.0 out of 5 stars Nice Business Card Holder

By darinpetersonon March 9, 2013

Color: Matte Polish Edge | Verified Purchase

This business card holder is durable and looks very nice. The only thing that needs improvement is the ability to easily open it. If you have limited dexterity, you might think twice about buying this product. Other than that small limitation, it's a great product.

3.0 out of 5 stars You get what you pay for.

By Courtney Malon September 2, 2016

Color: Matte Polish Edge | Verified Purchase

I gave the Tapp C Bussiness Card holder three stars. I was debating this rating because I truly didn't know how to feel about it, but according to Amazon the three stars means "it's ok" which is exactly what I think. I don't hate it because it'll do the job fine, but it's definitely not something I would tell friends about. It does the job. It's functional. But it's not great, it's not amazing, and worst of all its not exactly what I ordered.

As pictured, I didn't receive the item that I thought I ordered which has a nice mostly brushed design. Instead mine was all matte, which is fine, I just was hoping for something a little less plain. The one I received is also very thin and flimsy feeling. It absolutely feels like it will bend with pressure placed on it, so I'm not sure how long it'll last. It holds about 8 standard sized business cards if you press them in, or 6-7 without. Please note, if you have thick ones, you will definitely get less. At least with the one I received this is the case. Another issue I have with it is that the corners are sharp and uneven. One of my corners is a little pointy, but still even while the other one arm sticks quite far out and seems like it might snag on clothes or cut a finger at some point. Again, it's fine, and when I throw it in my purse it'll be fine, but it's just not something I'd buy if it was sitting in front of me in a store. This truly is an example of you get what you pay for. It'll suffice and it's obviously a good price. But it's not earth shattering. It's cheap to buy and it is a cheap product. The shipping time from overseas arrived a few days before the estimated time so I was happy about that, but otherwise it was a bit of a disappointment. I'll use it and it'll be fine to throw in my purse, but it's not what I was hoping for.

review image review image review image review image 1.0 out of 5 stars May look the same but is subpar quality!

By Felipeon September 7, 2016

Color: Matte Polish Edge | Verified Purchase

I purchased what I thought was the same card holder that sold from another seller for $6.99. I needed another one and this holder "looked" the same but cost only $2.39 so I bought it. Don't be fooled!

My original card holder is thicker (holds more cards) and made of steel that is heavier and firm. This card holder is a lot thinner and the construction quality is subpar. The material itself is so thin that it doesn't even feel like steel, the clasp runs past the underside of the holder when closed causing it to not sit flush on a surface and may snag on clothes. To add insult, the item arrived with a dent. Steer clear from this listing and pay a little more for quality. The photo attached shows my good card holder (on the right) next to this one.

By Roberton July 13, 2016

Color: Matte Polish Edge | Verified Purchase

Item is very flimsy built, it looks more like a dull gray aluminum, doesnt look like a shiny stainless steel case, as mentioned by other reviewers this will not survive if you put it in your back pocket and sat on it,,,, it will bend very easily, not sturdy at all., you herd the saying, you get what you pay for, I wasn't expecting a high quality card holder at under $2 bucks and free shipping,,,, I recommend if your on a budget, and if your careful not to sit on it, its ok....

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