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Okay  …. here we go.

I know you’re out there.   Gimp addicts who want to use that fabulous free site to design their own business cards  … from scratch.   Heck it’s so easy.   You just open a nice 3 ½  by 2 inch blank  ( okay …  it’s  1050 x 600 pixels if you want to get technical about it ) and go at it.   You can use layers, flip things around,  import whatever suits your fancy.  There are neat fonts which you can move all over the place and adjust with a click.  Gimp is heaven for an innovative designer.

However GIMP doesn’t offer the solution to printing out a nicely formatted single sheet of those neat cards you’ve spent the better part of a weekend laboring over.  After all that work, you have a SINGLE business card staring up at you mournfully from your computer screen.

So you go online hopefully.  Therehaveto be lots of blank templates for ten cards on a standard single sheet of 8 ½ by 11 inch card stock.  It should be easy to download one into GIMP and then just paste your great design into the ten perfectly aligned spaces for printing.

NOPE   ….. there aren’t.

Okay here’s the much-coveted treasure.   A blank template.   The GimpWimp.   Two careful clicks of your mouse will capture it and copy it onto a magic cyber-carpet to carry it straight to GIMP.   Where you’re standing  ready to paste the great business card design you’ve nurtured for that lost weekend right smack into it.  Then you can print ten cards on standard card stock paper.

Okay now.   There’s a trick here.  This looks like an ordinary simple illustration.   But it’s not.  It will give you a perfect template for GIMP ( version 2.8).    LEFTclick onto this template. The damn thing will expand in a nano-second  … taking over your computer screen.  DON’T   panic.    Just calm down and trust me and clickRIGHT… anywhere on the screen.  Choose Copy.      ( Then go to previous screen to get back to read the rest of these instructions.   Don’t worry, your copy is safe in the paws of your mouse).

There now.  You have it.   Now open GIMP and select your template size.   Which will be the standard *(American) US letter.  Click onto US Letter

Now you’ll get this  …..   Choose “file” from the top menu.

Now left click your mouse  … choose “edit” from the small menu.  Then select “paste”.    And you’ll get this  ….  your very own GIMP WIMP template all ready to use!

Now all you have to do is paste your GIMP business cards into the cells.  Be careful to format your cards in  1050 by 600 pixels andnotinches so they will slip accurately into the boxes.   I’ve counted those pixels so they’ll fit.   (The finished measurement will be the standard 3 1/2 by 2 inches.   But the template has been created with the pixel measurements).

demo template large

♥    Now when you’ve filled in all ten spaces, you will want to remove the  guide lines between your set of ten cards.   Just use “bucket fill”.   Fill that bucket with

white ( or with your background color) and click.    Your cutting guide lines on the perimeter will remain because I isolated them in the original design.    Neat trick eh?

♥     Yep … it’s a lot of rather fussy work.   But remind yourself that once you have your template correctly filled in, you have a limitless source of business cards.  Save your page and you’re ready to print thousands of cards and hurl them around freely, knowing the supply is endless.

Enjoy and share   ….

The GimpWimp




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Also be very careful not to overlap the black grid lines when you paste.   Be tidy about it.    Because you will remove the grid lines later  by utilizing “bucket fill”.    This is a neat trick!    And means you don’t have to use a transparency.   ( Another blog showing this technique for newbies is on its way).

This template is even because the new GIMP 2.8 supports an even format.

If you have an older version of GIMP …. it will print unevenly.     (  * See my bavarcations about this in the footnotes below and my explanation if you really want to know more.)     But it really doesn’t matter because I’ve provided guide lines for cutting.

If not  … just go ahead and trust me.   It will print beautifully aligned in GIMP 2.8

Feel free to copy this template and share it with all and sundry.

I owe so much to the creators of GIMP, MuseScore, WordPress and so many other wonderful free online resources that I’d like to add my modest contributions whenever I can.

Aloha and Namaste   ….  TheGimpWimp


*Okay some disclaimers and explanations.

You may think it’s superfluous and unnecessary.   And you’re quite correct.   You can print out perfectly aligned GIMP  business cards with my template without knowing a damned thing about the underpinnings of the process.  And you might be much happier anyway without gumming up your brain with all this stuff.

But I’m compulsive  … and heck.  It’s MY template.   So I get to bavarcate a bit.

First of all.    The standard 8 1/2 by 11 inch letter size is NOT the standard in the rest of the world ( which operates in meters and kilos ….  )

The fact that we’re using a format in a size not used by the rest of the world  … and the fact that printers ( which aren’t the sole province of the good old USA) are NOT automatically aligned to that size,sometimesgives us the frustrating experience of finding our beautifully formatted templates spewing out of our printers   …. and showing woefully uneven margins.    I noticed this with the older GIMP 2.6

This is a common frustration.  Now if you’re cutting those business cards yourself ( and you’ve printed only on one side)  there’s really no problem.  You simply follow the guide marks and cut.   The leftover scraps will be different sizes.   But who cares.   As long as you cut your sheet according to my guidelines for top, bottom and center … there’s no problem.

But if you’re really fussy and hate uneven the uneven detritus left over after you cut your cards, you can solve the problem by downloading GIMP 2.8.





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