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Your business card is a direct reflection of your company. Don't settle for plain paper and dull designs when we can create cards that will leave a lasting impression. Whether you need a simple one-colour design or multi-colour with foil embossing, we'll deliver personal and professional stationery you will be proud to use. Flyers are the perfect way to grab attention and promote your brand, especially when created and produced by our professional staff. Think of us as your marketing partner. We'll help you produce and distribute a brochure that promotes your product, reinforces your brand and boosts sales.

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Business Cards Melbourne

However large or small your company, business cards are considered essential assets for networking and promotional purposes. Designing professional business cards in Melbourne will improve your chances of standing out in a busy marketplace and give you an edge over competitors. Why use business cards? Even with the rise of eMarketing, business cards continue to play a vital role in establishing and growing a company, or simply to get your name out there if you work freelance. A good business card will provide the right first impression, making design a key consideration for success.

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How to Setup a Business Card in Adobe Illustrator

Business Card Template First thing we will need to do to set up print-ready business cards using Illustrator is to create a new artboard and set up the size. To create a new artboard, select File -> New from the menu at the top. The dimensions should be 3. 75x2. 25" and that includes the 1/8" bleed on each edge. We need to ensure that the raster effects is set to 300 dpi and color mode is set to CMYK. Once we have all this set, just hit OK. Next we need to add our guides that will show where the Bleed, Trim and the Critical Area are. BLEED AREA: 1/8” on each edge.

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Business Writing

What is the proper way to address an envelope in the U. S. and Canada? Do you think you know the answer? In a business writing seminar last week, we found we did not all agree on what is correct. So I have done research into addressing envelopes (I know how to have fun!), using Publication 28 of the United States Postal Service (USPS), Addressing Guidelines of the Canada Post, and, for backup,The Gregg Reference Manual. Test Yourself If you want to include an Attention line on the envelope, does it belong at the beginning of the address, or below it? Do U.

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Making Magical Business Cards: Luggage Tag Edition

If an object in motion really does tend to stay in motion, then boy oh boy are we on a roll here at BeFunky HQ. We’ve had a busy week, what with releasing our save project feature, new snap lines and oh, yeah, that little thing our we like to call our dazzling new Auto Enhance tool. Since we’re on such a roll, we thought we’d take this time to make everyone’s lives a little bit more delightful, so we decided to give y’all a little something something: a brand spankin’ new Small Business section in our Designer Toolset, complete with headers for business cards and letterheads (swoon).

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Custom Business Card Holders - Personalized Business Card Holders

Business Card Holders Make Great Promotional Giveaways. Showing 52 productsShow Sort By Search By Color Clear Sort By Price Low to High High to Low #61281 - Desktop Business Card Holder   As low as $3. 30 (5 Reviews) #134519 - Two-Tone Silver Business Card Cases   As low as $3. 95 write a review #31377 - Milan Leather Business Card Holder   As low as $3. 66 (7 Reviews) #246207 - Customized Dual-Compartment Business Card Case   As low as $5. 12 write a review #246208 - Carbon Fiber Patterned Business Card Case   As low as $3. 95 write a review #90113 - Tiny Briefcase Style Business Card Case   As low as $6.

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Business Card Design: 50 Awesome Examples to Inspire You

Imagine this: You just left an important meeting with some industry big shots. They really dug the ideas you brought to the table and you’re thinking a promotion could be in order. What do you do? Fumble with your phone to take down their contact information? Ask them to fumble with their phone to take down yours?No. You make one swift exchange — your expertly designed business card. Business cards can be a reflection of who you are. Not only can you make an excellent first impression all on your own, but a unique business card can help seal the deal and give someone something to remember you by.

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You Need a Business Card

It may be 2014 but business cards are still important. I know, you could just exchange numbers at the gig, but that’s not as professional. Plus, putting your number in someone else’s phone feels like you’re saying, “Heeeeey, call me!!!” There’s nothing more professional than busting out a polished business card when someone asks for your info. It shows you’re a prepared professional musician. What Not To Do I love business cards. In fact, I collect them. Specifically bad ones. Like laughably bad ones. While I can’t show you the actual cards for privacy reasons, I can tell you all about them.

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Capital One Business Credit Card Review

Finding the right business credit card can be difficult  because there are so many choices. For Capital One business credit cards there are 6 different cards: 3 cash back earning cards and 3 miles earning cards. Although it might seem overwhelming at first to decide among 6 cards, there actually isn’t too much difference between the miles and cash back cards. Instead of focusing on this distinction, you can choose the best Capital One card by looking at your spending habits and credit score. In this guide, we summarize the three cash back cards in the first table and the miles earning cards in the second table.

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Create a Logo & Business Card

by Louise Balle Branding is an important factor to consider when designing your logo and business card. Branding is the development of a brand or image that will represent your company. It helps customers recognize your business name and associate that brand with products and services. The company brand incorporates certain text styles, images, color schemes and slogans that make it distinctive when compared with your competitors' brands. A logo design is a very important part of branding your company, so it's not a good idea to try to create one on your own unless you have design experience.

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