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Is the title 'Founder & CEO' appropriate to use on a business card when you are the only employee of the company?

It is a pretentious and petty affectation and ought not to be done. A CEO in the conventional sense refers to someone who operates a vast enterprise with a complex management structure, board of directors and stockholders. Calling yourself one does not MAKE you one and will only give a negative impression; you will be understood as a joke. You just as well might call a kid with a lemonade stand a "CEO. " On legal and similar documents, go ahead and use the title. To the holders of such documents, it simply means you are the person they sue or throw in jail.

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Foil Business Cards | Spot UV Business Cards | MOO (United Kingdom)

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Top Ten Tips on Business Card Etiquette

Business cards are the staple of business success.   Nevertheless, I am constantly amazed by how few professionals pay attention to the etiquette of exchanging cards.   These are the very same people who seek information about the rules of networking, making positive first impressions and dressing for success.   You can work the crowd with ease, offer an impressive handshake and dress with finesse, but if you don’t know the fine points of giving and receiving business cards, all the rest can be a waste of time and effort. Here are ten basic rules to follow for the profitable and productive exchange of business cards.

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