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LHR to AUH with our seven month old daughter in Seats 5E and 5F. These are the "companion seats" in the front row of Pearl Business against the bulkhead. We were allocated these seats because they are arranged to take the baby bassinet on top of the Ebox entertainment screen, although the bassinet was almost too small for our daughter (she is 8.5 kg), so she spent most of the time on our laps. The space required for the bassinet, makes the plastic surround at the front of the seat very bulky, reducing personal space, so unless travelling with an infant, I would suggest trying to secure another seat. Moreover, if you want to avoid a potential screaming baby, that's another good reason to choose another seat (although the cabin crew and other passengers passed comment to us that they couldn't believe how quiet our daughter was). In addition, the aisle access from the seat is very narrow, I am 175cm and 80kg (definitely no good for pregnant women) and was having to be very careful when getting in and out of the seat and not to knock my drink off the cocktail table. If you are not travelling with a companion, I would suggest these seats do not offer privacy or

elbow room. The absence of overhead storage could be an issue on a busier flight (ours was quiet), also there is a general lack of "cubby-hole" space in the seat environs. I did not mind the seat in lie-flat, but my wife found it uncomfortable. The sitting comfort was best in "relax" mode because you can put your feet up on the ottoman. The length of seat was ok for me, but if you are over six foot, it might be more of a squeeze, especially as the footwell tapers (we flew on the new stock). The seat isn't particularly wide. However, due to the front row position in the cabin and the bassinet plastic surrounds, the privacy is probably the best in business. The Ebox entertainment was OK. The content was relatively broad and up-to-date. As for the food and drink, this was to the expected standard, with some nice good quality wines, but I would say the spirits were a bit "low-rent" for business. The cabin crew were to a good standard, although I think Etihad's "dine anytime" option doesn't make their job any easier, for example if you are companions in seats E and F you get served by different people, so coordinating timings can get confusing for them.

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