Verizon VoIP Business Services Solutions

Streamline your voice, data, and Internet needs over a single, reliable, secure IP network from Verizon. Our solution includes equipment, design, installation, and maintenance so you can get up and running with ease.

Need solutions for more than 1,000 employees?

When you run your voice and Internet services over our reliable IP network, you can save time and money—and improve what you get done in a workday.

  • Simplify ordering, purchasing, and ongoing management.
  • Streamline your business communications.
  • Better predict calling volume and costs.
  • Get help from our experts.
Various devices

  • Routing your voice and Internet over our networks can help you streamline your communication processes.

    • Bundles essential communication needs in an easy solution
    • Saves time when configuring your order
    • Installs easily into existing key or PBX systems
  • Save time and increase productivity with our high-bandwidth Internet and voice bundle.

    • Enables highly available communications
    • Helps employees collaborate more effectively
    • Frees up your employees to focus on business priorities
  • Get our premium support to make everything easy—from installation to day-to-day use.

    • Maintains performance through ongoing maintenance
    • Includes a 5-year warranty
    • Provides business-class service level agreements (SLAs)

Receive world-class phone service, combined with high-speed Internet access, ongoing maintenance, and dedicated customer care—all with Business Connection.

  • VoIP graphic
    • Compatible with existing key or PBX systems
    • Unlimited local calls and competitive long distance
    • Reliable service backed by strong service level agreements (SLAs)
    • Scalable to fit your business needs
    • Feature-rich service
    • Long distance minutes scaled to your business
  • Internet graphic
    • Dedicated service
    • Global Tier-1 network
    • Business-class SLAs
    • Top-tier equipment

    • Up to 100M dedicated service
  • Support graphic
    • On-site installation
    • Equipment configuration
    • 24x7 service
    • Remote technical support
    • 4 Hour Time to Repair Service Level Agreement (SLA)*

    *Applies to priority 1 tickets. SLA terms apply

Network Management Practices and Performance Information for these Internet access services is now available. Click here.

Business Connection Solutions for Business Bundle
Ultra-fast FiOS fiber-optic Internet (where available) or high speed Internet service
Highly reliable and secure dedicated Internet access
Simple setup for up to 25 telephone lines
Voice over IP (VoIP) for flexible, cost-effective telephony
On-premises router and installation
Maintenance services to promote reliability and performance

Service not available in all areas. Other terms apply. Battery backup for standard fiber-based voice services & E911 (but not VOIP) for up to 8 hours.

See how you can bundle Internet, voice services and ongoing maintenance in a single solution.

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How do I order the Business Connection?

You may contact one of our experts at 1-800-201-1452 or use the chat or e-mail options.

Will Business Connection work with my phone system?
Business Connection can be configured with an analog or digital hand-off to work with your existing PBX or Key system.
Will I need help installing the service?
Verizon will install the access loop and extend the demarc to your PBX or Key system if it is within 100 feet.  We will also install the Integrated Access Device and test both the Internet and phone lines.  It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure their phone vendor is on site to make the final connections to the PBX as well as program the PBX with the test number and any newly installed numbers. Customers may also need to migrate their Internet data to the new Internet circuit.

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