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7 Fresh Ideas on How to Brand Your Business

Image sourceBrand perception does matter. But what is more important is how you create and position that perception among your customers. Studies have shown that 75% of purchase decisions are based on emotion. The organizations that place value-over-price considerations to win hearts are usually armed with a well-defined, genuinely likeable brand. The benefits of defining your organization’s values, voice, and market placement can include increased profits, and better customer and employee retention. Here are some effective ways to begin defining your organization, or jumpstart your current branding efforts:1.

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Shoestring Businesses: Low-Risk, High-Payoff Ideas

I thought you might enjoy an advance look at my next column in the Mensa publication, The Intelligencer.   It is an adapted excerpt from my book, How to Do Life: What they didn't teach you in school. Shoestring Businesses No-Brainer Businesses that Can Make a Smart Person Rich When I look back on all my clients, two things most often keep smart people from succeeding in business: the urge to innovate and the desire for status. Don't innovate; replicate Smart people love coming up with ideas. Alas, even Mensans' new ideas are more likely to fail than are proven ones because, for example: The market doesn't like it The market stops liking it before you've recouped your investment, let alone made enough money The new product or service works less well than you'd hoped The R&D costs of an innovation eat too much profit.

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Seven Best Voicemail Greetings for Your Business

MightyCall It’s essential that your business has a voicemail system. You want a way to reach customers who contact you after your business hours — every lead is a potential sell. And that’s what you do, right? Sell products and/or services to make yourself some sweet moolah. So it’s important that your business has the perfect voicemail greeting to entice potential customers into leaving a message. Before we get into business voicemail greetings, here are some interesting facts about voicemail messages to think about. 75% of all business calls are not completed on the first attempt.

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18 Profitable Businesses You Can Start from Your Backyard

Do you want to earn extra income from home? Do you need some business ideas you can start part time from your backyard? Then read on. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to make ends meet with just one source of income. Thus, more and more people are investigating the possibilities of starting their own extra-income business. Most of these part-time endeavors can be started and operated from the comfort and privacy of the home. However, before you start, the first thing you must do, is some basic market research. Find out for yourself, first-hand, just how many people in your area are interested in your proposed product or service, and would be “ willing to stand in line and pay money for it.

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One Person Business Ideas For Aspiring Founders

Looking to get your feet wet with your own business? There are tons of things you can do all by yourself — without the help of a college professor, coach, or business partner. These tried-and-true one person business ideas are perfect for aspiring founders looking to drop the 9-5 and try something new. There's hope for the world's want-rapreneurs. Here are some time-tested one person business ideas: Virtual Assistant Services Today, you can easily do secretarial work remotely from anywhere in the world. Lots of businesses look for virtual assistants because contract workers are more economical than fulltime, on-site employees.

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Top 10 Profitable High Tech Small Business Opportunities

Are you a computer geek, programmer or engineer and you are seeking ideas you can channel your skill to? Then below are ten profitable high tech small business ideas. High tech refers to the most advanced technology available at a point in time. And since technology is ever-changing, it goes without saying that innovations referred to as high tech today will no longer be regarded as such in the future. Do you have an entrepreneurial mindset ?I mean, do you always nurse the strong wish to start and run your own business, become your own boss, and live a life of financial independence? And do you follow trends in the tech world religiously ?If you answered those questions in the affirmative, then chances are that you like the idea of starting a high tech business.

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50 Reasons Why Some Businesses Fail While Others Succeed

Why is it that so many businesses fail while so few succeed? Tweet This One of the great mysteries of entrepreneurship is why businesses fail. Some people start one successful business after another while others fail to succeed. The worst part about a failing business is that the entrepreneur is unaware of it happening until it is often too late. It makes sense because if the entrepreneur really knew what he was doing wrong, he might have been able to save the business. Some entrepreneurs live in a land of denial while others are unaware of their mistakes.

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Side Businesses

Side Businesses You won't regret spending your "free'' time growing your side project into a viable way to make a living. 2016-08-17 12:00:00 Self Improvement Successfully transitioning from classroom to board room means growing up in ways that don't show on your MBA transcripts. 2016-08-08 12:00:00 Side Businesses Whether it's for extra money or the pursuit of happiness, when you have a side gig make sure you use these tips for success. 2016-06-28 20:00:00 Side Businesses Side businesses allow you to test your idea before you dive in and risk financial loss.

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What is a good business to start in Las Vegas?

As I known, American is the paradise of the Children. So if you have some interests in the Children's things, you can start the business like toys, children's clothes, accessories and so on. If  you are not, you can still start the business in Las Vegas. Following are some business ideas from ISweek -Industry sourcing&Wholesale industrial products , hope can be helpful. 1 Online StoreYou can start an online store or shop, and choose the special food, fashionable clothes or shoes, video game or instruments accessories, watches, teas, and so on to sell online.

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Start Your Own Business | Affordable & Profitable Business Opportunities, Innovative Business Ideas

Learn How To Start and Run Your Own Profitable Business in South Africa  When you are the Master of your own Business, you hold your Destiny in your hands. TRIMO® TRAINING provides affordable practical hands-on training courses. It is true that people who have their own business can make more money than someone working for a boss. Sustainable, Affordable business opportunities that can be started from home is offered by Trimo to help you start and run your own business. When you are finished with the practical training you receive a certificate of completion, a manual for the course attended and mentorship as needed.

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