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Choose a business essay topic that truly interests you from this list.

And you won’t even realize that you’ve reached the last page of your paper.

General business paper topics

  1. Apple-Samsung patent wars: Is a damaged reputation bad for sales?
  2. Pre-employment drug testing: Reducing turnover or violating rights?
  3. The fear of recession: Increased competition or additional stress?
  4. Win-win investments in business sustainability: Myth or reality?
  5. Small businesses contributing to charity: Are tax deductions the only advantage?
  6. Feminist economics: The end of inequity or the start of chaos?
  7. Performance-based pay: Should the minimum wage be abolished?
  8. Employees’ social media privacy laws: Dream or necessity?
  9. E-commerce: A substitute or an addition to traditional trade schemes?
  10. Debt culture: Should credit cards have warning labels?
  1. International business essay topics
  2. Is the global shift of clothing and textile production to China real?
  3. Call center outsourcing to India cuts costs. What about the quality of service?
  4. Can South Africa be the new call center capital?
  5. Can the European debt crisis affect US small businesses?
  6. What’s the true cost of outsourcing IT departments?
  7. Should English remain the international language (lingua franca) for business?
  8. What’s the effect of NAFTA on employment in the United States?
  9. What are the next steps in protecting water, energy, and food security?
  10. How can we narrow the gap between the skills required by industry and those currently available in college graduates?
  11. Steve Jobs’ personal contribution to society’s obsession with Apple.

Argumentative business essay topics

  1. Should all small businesses have websites?
  2. Should we give up cash to save trees?
  3. Should global companies adapt to national peculiarities?
  4. Should companies send “Happy Birthday!” messages to their clients?
  5. Should all brands use social media accounts?
  6. Can viral marketing replace all other forms of advertising?
  7. Should the tobacco industry be obliged to donate to lung cancer research?
  8. Should successful entrepreneurs who dropped out of college share their success stories?
  9. Can SOPA and PIPA stop pirates?
  10. Can gun control laws ruin the firearm industry?

We hope we did not overwhelm you by giving too many interesting business essay questions in one post.
We just wanted you to have these fresh ideas all in one place.

5 types of business essays topics you should avoid

When you have to write a college business essay, choosing the right topic isn’t always easy.

Here are 5 types of business essays topics you should never use if you want to succeed and get a high grade on your academic paper.

  1. Hypothetical world references
    The topic of your business essay should focus on something relevant to your reader. So don’t write about problems that might occur in a hypothetical world. Instead, you should write about real business problems and how to solve them.
  1. Topics that have no specific industry value
    Of course, there are some general topics for business papers that don’t deal with a specific industry. But these theoretical papers are often way too general, and they are not as interesting to a large audience as business essays dealing with the problems of specific industries or businesses.
  1. Topics with no data or statistics
    A lot of business essays are based on economic theories that attempt to explain and forecast trends in the development of national and global economies, but these business papers rarely present credible data and convincing statistics to back up their theories. Any business research paper should contain relevant evidence to support the hypothesis and predictions.
  1. Topics that only scratch the surface
    Don’t choose topics that you are not willing to thoroughly research and discuss at length. You should explain the factors behind every economic theory you present. Show your reader what to

    do with the information you give in your academic paper and never make them guess.

  1. Outdated topics
    It is a bad idea to write your business essay on an outdated topic that is no longer interesting to your audience. Your business essays and research papers should analyze topics that are important and relevant today.

Need to write a college business essay but aren’t sure how to do it?

Read the following business essay writing tips!

How to write a business essay

This complete guide will help you write well structured, insightful, clear, and concise college essays on any business essay topic: marketing, finance, law, management, communication, and more.

A good business essay should only present relevant content. All arguments should be supported by valuable references and examples.

To write a perfect business academic paper, you should also consider crucial factors like layout and presentation. And it probably goes without saying, but you should always use appropriate language in your college business essay.

There are three major stages in the business essay writing process.

before you start writing your business essay

Before you start writing

  1. Analyze the business essay question at hand and identify exactly what approach you will need to take. Some keywords that are often used in college business paper questions includeanalyze ,compare ,criticize ,examine , andexplain . If you have to choose your own business paper topic, you should write about something you are truly interested in. It will make the business paper writing process easier, faster, and more enjoyable for you.
  2. Do research for your business essay. Thorough research is a must if you want to write an excellent college business essay. Choose only reputable academic sources like articles from business journals, books written by noted scholars, recent surveys, and interviews with important figures in the field.
  3. Make an outline for your business essay. A detailed outline will help you organize your argument and ideas in a logical sequence.

writing your bussiness essay

Writing your business essay

Write the first draft of your academic essay according to the structure of your outline. Use appropriate business terminology and clear, precise language. Use the following business essay format to present your work in a logical way:

  1. Introduction:Outline how you understand your business essay question. Define the objectives of your business paper. You may also include some definitions of certain relevant business terms.
  2. Background:Provide information about some economic theories on the topic.
  3. Findings:Give a detailed analysis of the sources you have collected. Critically examine different points of view. Discuss a current debate on the topic of your business academic paper, giving the reasons for and against the presented argument. Give your own opinion on your business essay topic.
  4. Conclusion:State your point of view as a final result. Give your recommendations for further investigation.
  5. Bibliography/List of References:Make a list of references used in your business essay.
  6. Appendices:Include some supporting materials like graphs, charts, or written text.

editing and proofreading your business essay

Editing and proofreading your business essay

Check your first draft for any spelling, grammar, or stylistic mistakes. Be sure to consider your content, as well. Find weak arguments and mark possible areas for improvement. Based on this close rereading, revise and rewrite your first draft. Keep polishing your paper until the final draft is perfect.

Writing good business essays requires perfect academic writing skills and takes a lot of time and effort. If you lack academic writing experience, you can always turn to professional writing help online. You can find plenty of essay topics lists and useful essay writing tips on the web.

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