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English | Español | 中文 | Polski | عربيBusiness Information Sheet (BIS) The BIS pre-application form is for IN-PERSON City of Chicago business license applicants’ use at the Small Business Center only. BIS forms submitted via mail or email will NOT be processed. To apply online, please use the Chicago Business License Application System. Adult Use Affidavit For every new application for a Public Place of Amusement or Performing Arts Venue license. Financial Disclosure Form Used to document the source of all money invested or spent to fund a new establishment, expand an existing establishment, or buy an existing business, when the business holds one of the following licenses: Liquor, Amusement, Hotel, Massage Establishment, or Day Care.

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Business Licenses

The City of Pleasanton requires any person(s) conducting business in the city to obtain a business license. This includes any business using a Pleasanton address for advertisement, or state or federal licensing, even if the business is done off-site. For more information on business license requirements CLICK HERE for Section 5 ( Pleasanton Municipal Code ). 2017 Renewals were mailed out the week of November 28, 2016. PLEASE NOTE:  Total Gross Receipt Income MUST INCLUDE all of DECEMBER income Payment Due Date :01/01/17and must beRECEIVED BY :  01/31/17to AVOID penalties.

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Business Tax Rates and Fees | City of San Diego Official Website

The Office of the City Treasurer bills retroactively for up to three (3) years with a late fee applicable to each year. The annual fee for the Business Tax Certificate is based on the number of employees: $34. 00 for a business with twelve (12) employees or fewer. $125. 00 plus $5. 00 per employee for a business with thirteen (13) employees or more. Zoning Use Clearance Fee (ZUC) All businesses located in San Diego City limits will be charged an additional $17. 00 fee for ZUC upon initial application. This fee will also be assessed when a change of location or change of business activity is filed with this office.

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Online Business Licence Registration & Renewal

What is a Sole Proprietorship? What is a General Partnership? Register/renew a small business online by selecting one of our packages above. The detailed information on this page provides answers to the questions of key importance in setting up an Ontario business registration.   A small business in Ontario may be registered as an ONTARIO BUSINESS REGISTRATION (also known as a "FORM 1" or Master Business Licence) as a simple, inexpensive way to set up your business. The registration is available as either a Sole Proprietor (for a single individual) or Partnership (for two or more individuals).

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Apply For A Business License Miramar, Florida

The application for a business tax receipt from the City of Miramar is a five-page document that is required for any person who will be conducting business within the city. You may download and print the application for a business tax receipt (business license) from the City of Miramar website or you may wish to apply in person by visiting the Miramar Business Tax Office at 2300 Civic Center Place.   What do you need to know prior to applying for a Miramar business tax receipt? You will be required to submit a background check to be issued your Miramar business tax receipt and you will be responsible for any fees that are associated with your background check.

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Do I Need an LLC or a Business License?

by Chris Blank One of the first decisions you must make when you decide to go into business is the choice of a legal structure for your enterprise. Many small business owners opt for a limited liability company, or LLC. Other would-be entrepreneurs discover that they must obtain a business license from a municipality, state or the federal government. Depending on your location and the nature of your business, you may decide to form an LLC in addition to obtaining a business license. An LLC shields its members from personal liability without imposing the structure of a full-fledged corporation.

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Apply For A Business License Memphis, Tennessee

The majority of businesses located within the City of Memphis should apply for a business license also called a Business Tax License. There are a few exceptions. Certain professionals such as attorneys, insurance agents, accountants, disabled persons, and businesses that gross less than $3,000. 00 a year are not required to obtain a Business Tax License. If you are unclear if your business will be classified as “exempt” please contact Shelby County at (901) 545-4252. It is required that the License Number that is issued from the Business Tax License is recorded with the Purchasing Service Center before the issuance of any contract or purchase order.

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Business Entities

News & Notices: Get the latest information about changes affecting business conducted with the Business Programs Division. Customer Alerts: Get the latest information about confirmed scams against Californians and businesses in the State of California, and what you can do if you have been a victim of a scam. Get the current processing times for Business Entities and determine which method of submission meets your needs. The required Statement of Information for most corporations can besubmitted electronically and is processed generally in one business day.

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How to Register Your Online Business In India

Establishing a new business in India is an arduous and time-consuming process, but if you learn from your mistakes, enjoy your laurels, and keep patience, soon the fruits of your labor will start to pour in. You need a business plan to outline your business objectives, funding and its setup. Once you know in which direction you are headed, it becomes simpler to start. Entrepreneurs seeking to launch their company must first receive a permit to operate it. This article shares information on the procedure of registering online businesses in India.

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Apply For A Business License Hillsboro, Oregon

Any for-profit business that operates within the city limits of Hillsboro is required to obtain a City of Hillsboro business license. If you are in the Construction/Landscaping or in Food Services, other regulations may apply. Non-profit organizations are still required to complete an exemption certificate. The application (City of Hillsboro Business License Application) can be downloaded, received via mail by calling (503) 681-6408 or (503) 681-6438 or requested at the office located at 150 E. Main Street in Hillsboro.   What is needed on the business license application? Name and address of business and owner(s) Emergency contact information Square footage of business Days and hours of business operation Number of full-time employees What is the cost? The minimum amount is $105 for the initial fee.

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