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Who will make a decision on the planning applications?

Wokingham Borough Council will make a decision on the planning applications, so it’s important that elected Council members understand what the local community think of the plans by Standard Life Investments.

Once the planning applications are submitted, we will publish details online so local people can comment on the planning applications and let their elected members know what they think of our plans.

Who owns Suttons Business Park?

Standard Life Investments is the owner of the Suttons Business Park estate. We have invested continually in the Business Park over a number of years in order to remain competitive and retain a number of long term tenants.

Our redevelopment proposal is designed to respond to the modern needs of industrial, commercial and retail tenants, safeguarding the future job creation potential of the Business Park and ensuring that the best employers are attracted to Wokingham Borough.

Is there a need for an Aldi store and a Costa drive-through?

Standard Life Investments has actively marketed the vacant units for industrial uses, but the strongest interest has come from retailers.

Aldi and Costa have identified a strong demand for new food retail in the local area and see this as the ideal location to invest, creating new jobs, increasing retail choice to the local community and complementing existing food retailers in the local area.

Will Aldi and Costa own the new units?

Standard Life Investments has an in-principle agreement with Aldi and Costa to occupy the proposed new units, should the proposed redevelopment receive planning permission. Aldi and Costa would be long-term tenants of the units, the freehold of which would continue to be held by Standard Life Investments.

What is included in each planning application and when will they be submitted?

The first planning application to be submitted in mid-April proposes:

  • Demolition of existing industrial units 68 and 69 on Plot A
  • Building three new industrial units, ancillary office space and car parking on Plot A
  • Refurbishment of units 27-28 and reconfiguration of the associated car parking on Plot B
  • Building an additional industrial unit and ancillary office space, car parking and landscaping on Plot B

The second planning application to be submitted in June 2016 proposes:

  • Demolition of the existing industrial unit 21 on Plot B
  • Building a new Aldi foodstore and Costa coffee drive-through unit on Plot B, with associated car parking and landscaping

When will you start building?

The exact timing of development will depend on when the planning applications are determined by Wokingham Borough Council.

How much car parking will be provided?

A total of 126 car parking spaces will be provided for shoppers, including an allocation of disabled-access and parent and child spaces. 74 car parking spaces will be provided for the refurbished industrial unit.

Is there a risk that commuters to Reading park there for free and take advantage of the site’s public transport links?

Car parking will be actively restricted to shoppers in the Aldi and Costa stores with set time limits, ensuring that the car park is not used by commuters travelling into Reading. This will also ensure that the new retail

units will not result in additional congestion on the London Road at peak-times.

What type of materials will be used in the new buildings?

The building will be constructed with a steel frame and the predominant external building materials will be glass and render.

Will any energy saving measures be built into the store design?

A number of energy saving measures are being considered for the new Aldi store, such as photo voltaic panels on the roof for electricity generation and the recycling of heat generated from chiller and freezer equipment to regulate temperature in the building.

Will there be any cycle parking?

Dedicated cycle parking spaces will be conveniently placed close to the store entrance, encouraging sustainable modes of transport and minimising local congestion.

Will there be a petrol filling station?

A petrol filling station is not proposed as part of this development. Foodstores of this size, particularly discount foodstores, are not usually accompanied by petrol filling stations.

How will the site be accessed by cars?

Road vehicles will access the car park from the main Business Park entrance on Suttons Park Avenue, from the roundabout on London Road east of the A3290.

How will the site be accessed by delivery vehicles?

Suttons Business Park is an ideal location for new retail, given that the road infrastructure is already built to accommodate heavy goods vehicles.

The timing of delivery vehicles will be limited by conditions imposed as part of any planning permission granted by Wokingham Borough Council, ensuring that no disturbance is caused to local residents.

Will local roads be able to cope with the increase in traffic?

The majority of traffic movements to and from the proposed new retail units will be at off-peak times, given the shopping patterns of those shopping in discount foodstores.

As part of the planning applications, Standard Life Investments will be required to demonstrate that the traffic resulting from the proposed new retail units will not have a detrimental impact on the local road network and cause additional congestion.

How will the construction phase affect existing local residents?

A Construction Management Plan will be prepared as part of the full planning application. Measures set out in the Construction Management Plan will include:

  • Restrictions to the times of day that construction vehicles can move in and out of the site
  • Time restrictions on the operation of noisy machinery
  • Ensuring contractor vehicles do not park in neighbouring streets
  • Ensuring that there is a dedicated point of contact for local residents
  • Specific allocation of land for plant and machinery
  • Limitations on the type of construction machinery and equipment that can be used
  • Monitoring of levels of noise, dust and vibrations on-site

Wokingham Borough Council will be able to monitor these restrictions, which will be imposed through legally binding planning conditions.

How do people who can’t get online comment on the redevelopment plans?

As part of our extensive consultation process, we are sending an information pack to all household and business addresses within a 0.5-mile radius of the Business Park. This includes contact details of Meeting Place Communications, who can send hard copies of the plans on request by post.

This information pack will also include a FREEPOST feedback response card, meaning that local residents without internet access or online capabilities can write down their comments and send them back to us free of charge - no postage stamp or further address details required.

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