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So on the 8th of January I posted my tablet to the nice Freepost address. I put my contact details mobile, email, address in a cover letter with the tablet. After 10 days of not hearing anything I started to get worried it may have gotten lost in the post. So I went searching for a number to call however S.M.R does not exist, Imagine my despair.

However after a good bit of goggling I discovered at the same address there was a company called SBE global service, so I rang them hoping they were S.M.R. I asked where they the same and she said yeah we fix Sony then she looked up here system and said they had received it but they don’t fix tablets and it was sent to UK on the 10th of Jan. I was advised I should hear back from UK within 10-12 days from when they received it

So I waited and waited and no communication

so on the 27th I rang again. On the 28th I was told it was not covered under warranty and would be required to pay €160 to get it fixed which I did, I was told it should be repaired and in the post within 6 days of payment.

So on the 9th of Feb a full month after posting it and 12 days after payment I was wondering where was it so I took to twitter and email to ask where was it. I was told on the 10th

“The panel has been replaced and the unit is on test to ensure the part has rectified the fault. This should be dispatched in the next day or so. “

So imagine my surprise (not) that it’s the 17th of the month and guess what no sign of it. So I shall now email, tweet, Facebook and call you, to be told what

it made it to packaging and should be with me in a few days.

The problem Sony is that you have not once attempted to communicate with me to tell me where the **bleep** my tablet is and the only time you called me was

on the back of my call and you were looking for money.

After about 4 Phone calls , 17 Tweets and 4 Facebook and 4 emails I still have no idea when an item I sent to you now 41 days ago will be returned

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