Key Personnel

For each of the key personnel describe their functional responsibilities, how their experience prepares them for these responsibilities and their operational objectives for the next 12 months. The objectives should be measurable and the personnel prepared to review them at any time.

Factors to consider: Name Age Marital status Children Education Work experience Position title Placement in organization structure Management responsibilities


Key positions that need to be filled within the next twelve months should be described with an explanation of how you expect to fill the position.

Factors to consider: Position title Placement in organization structure Experience level required Management responsibilities Staffing from inside or outside Use of professional recruiters Desired date for staffing

Drop dead date for staffing

Mark Hanson, age 33, has a masters degree in political science, and has been the marketing director and chief operating officer of two successful businesses. His latest business was recently sold to XYZ, Corp. and Mr. Hanson chose to leave his position there in favor of starting CitiLoc. He is the president and COO of CitiLoc.

Jim Jones, age 30, has a masters degree in computer science and has participated in the development of two major web sites. He is a vice president and will be responsible for the initial development of our web site and thereafter the maintenance and expansion of the services we will


Donald van Pelt, age 28, is a vice president and will direct the effort of data collection and population of the data base. Mr. van Pelt has a degree in economics and has worked with the city of Austin, Texas for four years. For the last two years he has been involved in the area of attracting and working with businesses that are considering locating a facility in the Austin area.

Jessica Lane, age 31, is a vice president and will be responsible for marketing, sales and public relations. Ms. Lane has a degree in public relations and has been working with an established company for three years as their director of marketing. She helped this company modify and expand their sales program from a field sales force orientation to a broader web based approach.

During the first year of operation, we will contract with two outside agencies to help us with the development program. One will supply 3-4 personnel to assist in the design and development of the web site. The other will supply about 25 personnel to collect information about the cities and enter it into the data base.

We will need to hire one other key manager prior to the end of the first year, responsible for finance and accounting. Mark Hanson will handle these responsibilities until such a person is hired.

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