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Irish University Business School

The Irish University Business School (www. iubsedu. co. uk) was registered in Dublin, Ireland in 1995. It has a legal entitlement to be called a university and to issue degrees. Many of the successful students of our online-degree courses have been profiled in the IPFM Journal which is a 16-page journal which is sent out to all members three times a year. We now have over 50 distance-learning degree courses (in two languages) of which the most popular remain the MBA and the PhD programs. Other mainstream courses are in financial management, information technology, procurement and logistics, and treasury management.

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10 top U.S. schools for a major in marketing

Marketing professionals serve an essential function of any business or organization of getting the word out about a product or service. Any organization can benefit from positive marketing, including non-profits, government agencies or entrepreneurs. Students who major in marketing take courses in business, consumer behavior, marketing research, marketing management, advertising, and strategy. These classes improve critical thinking skills and foster the necessary creativity to develop effective promotions. The list below breaks down the top 10 places to get a marketing degree in the U.

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Upcoming Events

Feb14 Tuesday, February 14, 2017 -18:30to21:30 Champagne Charlie's, The Arches, 17 Villiers St, Charing Cross, London WC2N 6NG Contact: Nicholas Pope This is an informal event in a pub in Central London.   Feb21 Tuesday, February 21, 2017 -18:00to20:30 Hilton Munich City, Rosenheimer Str. 15, 81667 Munich Contact: Sabine Sage If you’re considering studying with The Open University, you’re warmly invited to our informal event on Tuesday 21 February in Munich. Tuesday, February 21, 2017 -18:30to19:15 Contact: Janet Barker In this webinar Christine Billy will share key lessons and tips from her experience leading and coaching intercultural teams.

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5 Must-Read Books That Are Required Reading at Harvard Business School

Getting an MBA at Harvard will currently cost you two years of your life and a little over $150,000. That's a little rich for a lot of folks. But thankfully, while there's no way to replicate the connections you'd get from actually attending, there are plenty of workarounds to help you learn a bunch of the wisdom that comes with a top-tier MBA at a tiny fraction of the cost. Alumni have written up their top takeaways from the experience, free online options are available, or you could shell out a much smaller amount for an online program that ends in a credential.

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UChicago and Northwestern Move up in Business School Rankings

UChicago Booth School of Business (Credit: Wikimedia) University of Chicago and Northwestern University were already ranked as top ten MBA programs nationwide by U. S. News. But for the coming year, both programs have crept up on their coastal competitors. UChicago Booth School of Business MBA program is ranked second overall (tied with Stanford), up from fourth last year. Northwestern Kellogg School of Management is ranked fifth overall (tied with MIT Sloan), up from sixth last year. In addition, UChicago's part-time MBA program is ranked second, and Northwestern's is ranked third overall (the same rankings as last year).

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TECH Center Breakout Rooms | Temple CS

There are 13 Breakout Rooms located in the TECH Center offering a private space and the resources needed to work collaboratively. TECH Center breakout rooms offer students the privacy and resources needed to work collaboratively. These rooms are intended for academic functions such as group projects, practicing presentations and viewing course-oriented media.   There are 13 breakout rooms are located on the first and second floors of the TECH Center. They are equipped with a flat panel wall display, a whiteboard and a desk with a computer set up for group interaction.

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Graduate School of Economics and Business

If you are interested in a challenging, stimulating and rewarding PhD program in Economics or Business, the Graduate School of Economics and Business is ready to invest in your future. The Graduate School of Economics and Business is part of the Leuven School of Business and Economics (LSBE), which has an extensive range of programs at Master’s and Doctoral level. The LSBE focuses on research-based education, involving the core disciplines that underlie business operations and economic decision-making. We aim to educate tomorrow’s leading international scholars in the field of research in economics and business studies.

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EU Business School Barcelona Campus

PROGRAMS  We use a combination of classroom theory and hands-on experiential learning that draws on both the American business education model and European learning methodologies. EU’s pragmatic approach to business education prepares students for careers in today’s rapidly evolving and globalized business world. FACILITIES The study complex at EU Business School Barcelona combines modern, comfortable fittings with contemporary instructional tools. As in the other EU campuses, Barcelona students have access to tools such as SMARTboards, which optimize student and faculty interaction.

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Copenhagen Business School (CBS)

Fall Term: late August to late December Spring Term: late January to late June Summer Program: late June to early August Note: Dates are approximate and may be subject to change "Copenhagen Business School (CBS) is Denmark's most internationally oriented institution of higher education, as well as the one university in Denmark offering the most comprehensive range of university level degrees in business economics and modern languages. CBS is also one of the 3 largest business schools in Northern Europe. It is a richly stimulating international and multicultural environment in which to work and study.

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University of Glasgow

Research & Teaching Management & Support Affiliate Honorary & Visiting Abbas, Ms Aisha (Graduate Teaching Assistant - Business School) Acur Bakir, Dr Nuran (Senior Lecturer in Services and Operations Management) Ahmad, Mr Salman (Graduate Teaching Assistant - Business School) Ahn, Dr Paul (Lecturer in Accounting and Finance) Alam, Mr Saiful (Graduate Teaching Assistant - Business School) Aleksanyan, Dr Mark (Lecturer) Anderson, Dr Stephanie (Lecturer in Marketing) Angeles, Dr Luis (Senior Lecturer) Angelopoulos, Dr Konstantinos (Reader) Anker,

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