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Save precious time and money managing Microsoft® Exchange, SharePoint or SQL with Ontrack® PowerControls™.

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Securely erase data from all IT assets, including servers, computers, smartphones, tablets, virtual machines, individual files, flash drives, logical drives, and SSDs.

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Our advanced technologies and consultative expertise help organizations manage the legal and technical aspects of ediscovery, while reducing cost and risk.

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We couldn’t have said it any better. Luckily our customers say it for us. Hear what data means to them, the relief and emotion of getting something precious back. Check out what others say about Kroll Ontrack.

"My experience with Ontrack was amazing. I had a fatal hard drive failure and a failed back-up solution. Your organization was able to recover every single file, all 18+GB. Thanks for saving the day!"

Walter Johnson, Hewlett Packard

"Our in-house IT dept. could not get the crashed drive to read and had no other recourse but to send it in to the professionals at Ontrack. Great job Ontrack, and we love the customer service!"

Norma Vasquez, Universal Music Group

"You guys saved me from having to recreate everything I'd done -- all my work from Jun thru Dec -- in the first 6 months of our fiscal year, by recovering the file from "bad sectors" on my hard drive. I'm going to owe my nephew forever for referring me to your terrific service!"

Melissa Igbineweka, FedEx Services

"Ontrack PowerControls enables us to perform very efficient SAN-based snapshot backups but still be able to easily recover even a single message in a matter of minutes.

David Rinker, Chief Architect - Global Managed Services, The Sage Group plc

"The service we experienced with Ontrack was excellent. We had an "emergency recovery" done on a hard drive and it was completed and delivered within 24 hours! Thank you for your excellent customer


Dan Benevento, Princeton University / Dept. of Elec. Engineering

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By Michael Nuncic

Feb 9

Virtualization is not only for early-adopters or IT geeks anymore. The technology has found its place in almost every IT department and data center, but the advantages of the technology – fast and almost immediate server deployment, increased server uptime, and isolated applications – also has its disadvantages. One of them being virtualization sprawl . Since creating and running a virtual machine (VM) or virtual servers is very easy and …Read More

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By Michael Nuncic

Feb 7

Traditionally, getting rid of data from storage media has often been limited to hard drives from old PCs and laptops once they reach the end of their usable lifespan.  However, with today’s technology, the need to securely erase information has extended way past the point of erasing just single drives and encompasses much more than just physical storage. For example, the large storage systems that you find in data centers …Read More

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By The Data Experts

Feb 1

Whether you’re a private user or work within an IT department, you can sometimes be presented with a stark reality –  hard drives are no longer working as they should and/or data suddenly disappears.  Unlike the usual symptoms of a loud scratching or ‘clicking’ noise, it’s not always immediately clear whether a hard drive is physically defective or not.  Thus, many users are initially irritated and do not know how …Read More

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By Michael Nuncic

Jan 30

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