About Us

Our Approach

Our philosophy, our approach and our technology capability, coupled with extensive experience in the workplace, differentiates us from our competitors.

We offer a practical approach to the concept of business solutions and management interventions. A critical component in the success of our solutions is the proven application from years of experience, expertise and unique functionality. We pride ourselves on our teams ability to deliver what it commits to.

Our excellent team is trained and updated on skills and topical information as soon as such information is available. The benefit of this strategy is that our staff are equipped, able and willing to render top performance.

Our Vision, Ethos and Culture

Our vision is to ensure that TRINITI BUSINESS SOLUTIONS (PTY) LTD takes its role as the leading business solutions organization that is known and respected for its service excellence and inspired by its care for people. We maintain a financially strong growth-orientated company for the protection of our customers, beneficiaries and employees.

The characteristic spirit of the business is our attitude towards our work. The benefit given to our clients, the supplying of skill, the state of our competency, the act of project delivery, is pre-eminent in quality and worth. We manage, inform, improve, refine, customise and cultivate suitable applications to businesses.

  • PSo™   - Strategy - Projects - Operations - Software solutions
  • We cover all aspects of business management including:


    • Strategic Marketing
    • Innovative marketing and events management


    • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
    • Business strategy development and mentoring
    • Business planning - documentation and implementation
    • Project Management (PM)
    • Programme Management (PPM)
    • Portfolio Management (PPPM)
    • Project auditing and health checks
    • Project, Programme and Portfolio Management Offices - strategy and control
    • Business Analysis, processing and reengineering
    • System development
    • Transition management - effecting business cultures
    • H.R, I.R. and Management coaching
    • Recruitment and labour broking
    • Sourcing and procurement methodology and implementation            

    Education and Training

    • Fundamentals of project management (PM1).

    • Essentials of project management (PM2).

    • PMP Preparation (PPMP).

    • Accomplished programme management (PPM).

    • Accomplished and effective portfolio management (PPPM).

    • iiBA Diploma in Business analysis essential skills; analysis and designing skills (BA).

    • Auditing the Project and Programme Environment (PA).

    • Project, Programme, Portfolio Management Offices (PPPMO).

    • People working with People (PwwP).

    • Accomplished and Effective Negotiation Management (NG).

    • Enterprise Business Ethics: Strategic-PPPM-Operations (BE).

    • Strategic Leadership and Management (SLM)

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