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TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS FOR YOUR BUSINESS INSIDE AND OUTSIDE OF THE OFFICE! Your business’s technological infrastructure is an important component to your day to day operations. Secure, efficient and effective technology systems can improve your company’s productivity and ultimately your revenue! Before you begin adding technology to your business, you should assess your needs and have a strategy in place to implement systems that meet your requirements. Sounds complicated right? Not if you work with FIZ! Our team of experienced consultants can help you evaluate your business’s needs and make recommendations on how to get the right products and services in place.

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Speedwell goes behind the Domino's app

Ordering a pizza in the box with the dots using an iPhone app might sound simple, but it required deep integration into Domino's e-store system, according to director of Speedwell eBusiness Solutions Brett Wiskar. The Domino's Pizza iPhone application raked in $2 million in sales revenue in its first 12 weeks. (Pizza image by Sebastian Mary, CC BY-SA 2. 0) The Brisbane-based development company Speedwell had been working with Domino's since 2005 on the development of its web platforms, e-store and pricing engine, which were not simple tasks, Wiskar said.

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more than 20,000 people a year

Southwest Solutions is recognized as a model of integrated services and neighborhood revitalization. OUR MISSION Southwest Solutions has pursued its mission to help build a stronger and healthier community since 1972. We provide a broad range of programs in the areas of human development, economic development, and community engagement. These three areas together form a comprehensive neighborhood revitalization strategy and effort that impacts Stay informed, and get involved. empowering people and improving community There are many different ways to support our nonprofit organization, through your gift of funds, time, ideas or advocacy to help those we serve.

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Genpact joneses after JAWOOD to capitalize on healthcare insurance mayhem

As HfS' Tony Filippone recently prophesied, November's election result would dictate the future of the US healthcare industry. . . and the titanic upheaval of Obama's reforms is quickly being felt.  Consequently, providers such as Genpact, are wasting no time trying to seize the initiative, as Tony discusses. . . Get ready for the healthcare market to heat up over the next three years as a result of state health insurance market places, the rapid expansion of accountable care organizations, and ICD-10 implementations. On Friday, Genpact announced its acquisitions of JAWOOD and Felix Software Solutions.

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Altisource Employee Reviews

Bad management, People, HR, Managers and all top level people are interested only in their benefits and doesn't care about their associates what others are going through. Worst company to spend your valuable 3 years and to still continue ProsLess scope of Learning Cons"Anytime Firing, No Work Life Balance. " Good work environment ,good growth but when comesto salary it gets stable after quite a period. No much scope for improving skills. Learned to face challneges, amanagement was supportive when comes to issues in family and even work place and co workers were just awesome and supportive.

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