Likeable Leadership: A Collection of 65+ Inspirational Stories on Marketing, Your Career, Social Media & More Kindle Edition

Dave Kerpen is one of those guys of whom you feel that if there were more like him, the world would be a better place. We met for the first time at lunch at one of my favorite Indian restaurants and he was curious about all the dishes and took pictures of them to post on Facebook. I was curious about why he was doing this and he promptly began to educate me about social media and how it was absolutely essential to master it in today's world if you wanted to build your business. He also showed me how to use Instagram and why it is superior to the camera on my iPhone and linked up my Instagram to my Facebook and Twitter accounts and a lot more besides. He also introduced me to a couple of persons who I have already partnered with to great benefit.And all this at a first meeting when I did not even know him well nor did he know me.Subsequently I have got to know him a lot better and marvel even more at his truly helpful nature.And the reason I mentioned this tale is that this same approach permeates the entire book. He does not give you dry theory. He give you eminently practical and immediately actionable tips in bite sized pieces. You can, literally, start reading from anywhere and read as much as you like and find some nugget that will help you with any problem you are facing.The best part is that it is also truly inspiring. Dave has built a successful business and wants to help you do the same but also to build a successful life. And he is sincere about this. For example, he talks about meeting Senator Frank Lautenberg on a flight to Boston and what struck him is that this accomplished individual, who had run successful firms like ADP and introduced landmark legislation including bills that banned smoking on airplanes, was proudest of his children and grandchildren. That was/is his lasting legacy and Dave urges you to ponder this as

you scurry about your daily life.The book is organized into sections: The first is on leadership and inspiration. The second on your career. The third on Marketing and Social Media and the last is a miscellaneous catchall of musings.The chapters are short and the titles are catchy: 3 weird truths about business; 5 marketing lessons from Lady Gaga; The most essential social networks for CEOs; 3 leadership lessons from a total loser; you get the idea.Those catchy titles are good marketing. When your curiosity is tickled you tend to open the chapter. But then you better get useful information. I have been really peeved many times when an intriguing headline made me respond to an offer and what I got was garbage. Dave avoids this trap. You do get useful information and lots of it. Many of those tips are gold and some can, literally, change your life.For example, most of us are painfully aware that we have chronic weaknesses that are keeping us from reaching our potential. And we have tried hard to overcome them with little success. Dave gives you a method of embracing those weaknesses and actually turning them into a competitive advantage. Say you are disorganized. Hidden in there is the strength that you are creative. The trick is to recognize this and come up with a strategy to capitalize on it and find a way to not get torpedoed by the downside. There are LOTS of great examples and many of these are super idea generators in their own right.

My one quibble has nothing to do with the book itself. Amazon's Kindle makes it impossible for you to go to a particular section immediately. and there are no page numbers to help. So you have to painfully navigate to the section you are interested in. One way around this is to print out the darn thing and put it in a binder - and I am going to do this. I hope that the print version comes soon because that will be more practical for a book like this.

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