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Sample Business Letters (501-600)

Sample Business Letters (501-600)

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Sample Business Letters are listed in Alphabetical Order

Note: Additional Sample Business Letters after 591 are listed in Order of Date Added to

501. Response to Improper Billing After Payment
502. Response to Inquiry Concerning Former Employee, With Reference
503. Response to Inquiry Concerning Former Employee, Without Reference
504. Response to Invoice Received After Payment
505. Response to Notice in Regard to Cancelled Coverage
506. Response to Order on Expired Credit Card
507. Response to Request for Interest Paid Information
508. Response to Request for Service on Expired Warranty
509. Resubmission of Proposal
510. Retirement Party Invitation (Guest)
511. Retirement Party Invitation and Gift (Internal)
512. Return Authorization
513. Return of Check Missing Signature
514. Return of Late Payment and Denial of Discount
515. Return of Product on Free Trial
516. Return of Purchase Order and Request for Advance Payment
517. Revocation of Guaranty
518. Sale on Approval Acknowledgement
519. Sale on Consignment Acknowledgement
520. Sales Lead
521. Second Overdue Payment Reminder
522. Second Request for Correction of Billing Error
523. Second Request for Payment (10 Day Demand)
524. Second Request for Refund on Returned Merchandise
525. Second Request for Renewal of Service Agreement
526. Security Agreement
527. Settlement Offer on Disputed Account
528. Shipment Schedule Acknowledgement of Purchase Order
529. Shipments Held Until Past Due Balance Paid
530. Short Form of Lease
531. Short Request for Leave of Absence
532. Specific Guaranty
533. Spontaneous Good Customer Relations Letter
534. Standard Cover Letter in Response to Inquiry
535. Standard Response to Inquiry, Mortgage Company
536. Subordination Agreement to Secured Debt
537. Subordination to Stated Amount
538. Subscriber Letter, News Service
539. Suppliers Demand for Instructions
540. Termination of Employment
541. Thank You for Broadcast of Unsolicited Endorsement
542. Thank You for Customer Referral
543. Thank You for Evaluation Product, Product Similar, Declined
544. Thank You for Evaluation Product, Product Unacceptable
545. Thank You for Favorable Product Review
546. Thank You for Hiring
547. Thank You for Interview
548. Thank You for Offer to Help Us Campaign
549. Thank You for Offer to Help, Accepted
550. Thank You for Payment After Phone Call
551. Thank You for Product, Impressed, Declined
552. Thank

You for Product, Unacceptable, Summary Attached

553. Thank You for Submission and Request for Revision
554. Thank You for Substitute Check After Denial of Discount
555. Thank You for Support During Illness
556. Thank You for The Opportunity, Service Business
557. Thank You for Tour
558. Thank You for Uniform Design
559. Thank You for Your Confidence, Service Business
560. Thank You for Your Inquiry 1, Price List Enclosed
561. Thank You for Your Inquiry 2, Price List Enclosed
562. Thank You for Your Inquiry Into Software
563. Thank You for Your Kind Comments
564. Thank You from Restaurant Following Luncheon
565. Thank You to Applicant for Testing
566. Thanksgiving Letter to Customers
567. Thanksgiving Turkey Distribution to Employees
568. Third Letter in Response to Billing Error
569. Third Overdue Payment Reminder
570. Time Note
571. Trade Show Exhibit Questionnaire
572. Transmittal for Collection
573. Transmittal of Documents for Signature
574. University Acceptance Letter
575. Unlimited Guaranty
576. Verification of Employment and Letter of Recommendation
577. Verification of Employment, Without Reference
578. Waiver of Confidentiality
579. Waiver of Landlord's Claim to Annexed Fixtures
580. Welcome Discount for New Enterprise
581. Welcome New Customer
582. Welcome to New Tenants
583. Welcome to Our Family of Customers and Friends
584. Withdrawal of Credit on Past Due Account 1
585. Withdrawal of Credit on Past Due Account 2
586. Xmas Best Wishes to Customers
587. Xmas Bonus Letter
588. Xmas Credit Extension Announcement
589. Xmas Employee Discount Offer
590. Xmas Letter, Legend of Saint Nicholas
591. Xmas Season Thank You to Valued Customers
592. Thank You Letter - After Interview
593. Sample Cover Letter - From a Referral
594. Sample Cover Letter - Response to Advertisement
595. Cover Letter Format Guidelines - Via E-mail
596. Cover Letter Format Guidelines - Paper Copy
597. Year Planner Page for 2012 - 8.5 x 11 format
598. Year Planner Page for 2013 - 8.5 x 11 format
599. Year Planner Page for 2014 - 8.5 x 11 format
600. Year Planner Page for 2015 - 8.5 x 11 format

Disclaimer: Be aware that some of these sample letters have legal, financial, or other implications. If you are not sure about the use of any letter, consult with an appropriate professional first.  

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