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Article Information Author: Christoffel J. Hendriks1 Affiliation: 1Department of Public Administration and Management, University of the Free State, South Africa Correspondence to: Chris Hendriks Postal address: PO Box 339, Bloemfontein 9300, South Africa Dates: Received: 22 June 2012 Accepted: 01 Oct. 2012 Published: 12 Dec. 2012 How to cite this article: Hendriks, C. J. , 2012, ‘Integrated Financial Management Information Systems: Guidelines for effective implementation by the public sector of South Africa’, SA Journal of Information Management 14(1), Art.

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Public Financial Management and Its Emerging Architecture 1st Edition, Kindle Edition

Public financial management (PFM)—the fine art of budgeting, spending, and managing public monies—has undergone a “revolution” since the late 1980s. This uniquely interdisciplinary combination of economics, political science, public administration, and accounting has seen an influx of innovative ideas and reforms that have sought to address some of the perennial challenges of managing public finances. To constrain the likely temptation to increase expenditure and spend, rather than save, in times of plenty, countries have introduced fiscal rules and fiscal responsibility laws.

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Personal Financial Management

The Personal Financial Management Program assists Marines and their families in achieving and sustaining personal financial readiness by providing personal financial education, training, counseling, and financial information and referral. A solid understanding of personal finances will build confidence in facing financial challenges, responsibilities and mission readiness. There are more than 20 money management topic areas that are discussed in workshops and seminars, which include investment planning, financial planning, retirement and estate planning, consumer awareness and protection budgeting, saving, using credit, managing debt, military financial rights, Thrift Saving Plan, Saving Deposit Plan, and Survivor Benefit Program.

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EBIT-EPS Analysis in Leverage: Concept, Advantages and Other Details

EBIT-EPS analysis gives a scientific basis for comparison among various financial plans and shows ways to maximize EPS. Hence EBIT-EPS analysis may be defined as ‘a tool of financial planning that evaluates various alternatives of financing a project under varying levels of EBIT and suggests the best alternative having highest EPS and determines the most profitable level of EBIT’. Concept of EBIT-EPS Analysis:The EBIT-EBT analysis is the method that studies the leverage, i. e. comparing alternative methods of financing at different levels of EBIT.

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Fox Financial Planning Network

Fox Financial Planning Network is transforming the way advisors operate by providing the training, tools, templates, workflows and consulting to systematize the delivery of financial services. Our advanced workflow system is part of our comprehensive program, however you may also access the system without the program if you prefer. For more information on just the workflow system, please click here   More Info We provide the industry reports below at no cost. NEW RELEASE!HOW TO UTILIZE ROBO TECHNOLOGY TO PROFIT FROM THE REVOLUTION: Part 2 of the How to Build a Robo-Shield series  HOW TO BUILD A ROBO-SHIELD FOR YOUR FINANCIAL ADVISORY FIRM: 20 Effective Tactics to Marginalize the Effects of Robo-Advisers The Starbucks Experience: Why Developing a “Starbucks Client Experience” is the Keyto Sustainability, Profitability and Growth.

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Dynamics AX Financial Management

Manage every aspect of your business with the Financial Management modules in Microsoft Dynamics AX: General Ledger, Bank and Assets Accounts Payable and Receivable Budgeting and Cash flow Management Intercompany, Multi-Currency and Consolidations Financial Reporting Management Manage your financial operations effectively with a comprehensive view of financial data across your organisation and flexible processes that adapt to the way your business works. With access to real-time information across your organization, easy-to-use inquiry tools, and powerful analysis and reporting capabilities, Financial Management in Microsoft Dynamics AX can help you handle revenue, payables, receivables, and cash flow more efficiently- so you can gain insight into financial performance, plan strategically, and make confident, informed decisions.

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Financial Planning - Definition, Objectives and Importance

Financial Planning is the process of estimating the capital required and determining it’s competition. It is the process of framing financial policies in relation to procurement, investment and administration of funds of an enterprise. Objectives of Financial Planning Financial Planning has got many objectives to look forward to: Determining capital requirements- This will depend upon factors like cost of current and fixed assets, promotional expenses and long- range planning. Capital requirements have to be looked with both aspects: short- term and long- term requirements.

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Fundamentals Of Financial Management

Joel F. Houston is the John B. Hall Professor of Finance at the University of Florida. He received his M. A. and Ph. D. from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, and his undergraduate degree from Franklin and Marshall College. Prior to his appointment at the University of Florida, Dr. Houston was an Economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia. Joel's research is primarily in the areas of corporate finance and financial institutions, and his work has been published in a number of top journals including THE JOURNAL OF FINANCE, JOURNAL OF FINANCIAL ECONOMICS, JOURNAL OF BUSINESS, JOURNAL OF FINANCIAL AND QUANTITATIVE ANALYSIS AND FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT.

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Corporate Financial Management

Were you looking for the book with access to MyFinanceLab? This product is the book alone, and does NOT come with access to MyFinanceLab. Buy Corporate Financial Management, plus MyFinanceLab with Pearson eText, 5/e (ISBN 9780273759003) if you need access to the MyLab as well, and save money on this brilliant resource.  “Comprehensive and well written, making a challenging subject easy to read and understand. ” Ben Ukaegbu, London Metropolitan University, Business School“The case studies are excellent, relevant and bring the theories to life. ” Rob Jones, Newcastle University Business SchoolCorporate Financial Management offers an extremely readable and comprehensive survey of the theory and practice of corporate finance.

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Management Accounting: Chapter 1

Citation: Martin, J. R. Not dated. Chapter 1: Introduction to Managerial Accounting, Cost Accounting and Cost Management Systems. Management Accounting: Concepts, Techniques & Controversial Issues. Management And Accounting Web. http://maaw. info/Chapter1. htm CHAPTER CONTENTS Learning Objectives | Introduction | Conceptual versus Operational Definitions | The Accounting Discipline | Systems, Performance Measurement, Behavior & Variability| The Matching Concept and Cost Accounting | Cost Behavior and Prediction | Framework: Two Global Variants of Capitalism | Appendix 1-1: The Certified Management Accountant | Footnotes | Questions | Problems | Problem Solutions | Extra MC Questions LEARNING OBJECTIVES After you have read and studied this chapter, you should be able to: 1.

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