Financial Service Associate (FSA) Salary

A financial services associate (FSA) works in a bank, investment firm, or other financial institution to help clients manage and invest their money. These associates work directly with clients, so strong customer service skills are important in this position.


FSAs must be able to determine their clients' goals and match them with appropriate programs, so strong knowledge of what the company offers and the benefits of each program is essential. They may also need to attract new clients through marketing tactics such as mail, e-mail, and phone efforts, so the job may involve some collaboration with sales and marketing teams to develop these strategies. These associates may also conduct research and analyze data and information to determine tactics and new trends in the field, as well as the continued success of current programs.

Financial service associates may need to interpret various data on prices, yields, stability,

risks, and other things that may affect investments, and this research is often summarized in charts and reports. They may also assist in operational matters like cash management, balancing, and resolving customer service issues, and they may occasionally need to stand in for other positions, such as tellers. In-depth knowledge of financial laws and policies is essential for this position, and a background and/or bachelor’s degree in finance, business, economics, or mathematics is generally required by employers.

Financial Service Associate (FSA) Tasks

  • Sell insurance, banking and/or investment products to new customers.
  • Propose insurance/banking/investment products most suitable to the clients'/customers' needs and ability to pay.
  • Find clients/customers by developing insurance, banking and investment programs and regularly making sales presentations for a broad range of insurance/banking/investment contracts and products.
  • Service the insurance, banking and/or investment needs of clients/customers.
  • Solicit new customers through approved techniques and methods.

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