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That yield the right results The right financial solutions program is often the key to achieving your business goals. And no channel partner is better positioned than Avnet Technology Solutions to provide the full range of financing options necessary to take your business to the next level. Financing can help you get more out of your IT budget. Reduced monthly payments translate to lower expenses and more buying power. Financing can lead to improved liquidity, allowing you to keep more cash on hand. It can also allow you to preserve existing credit and to qualify for other financing.

We understand your business and offer solutions to fit your needs. Our financial solutions provide alternatives to boost your cash flow and company growth:

  • Leasing
  • Split Proceeds
  • Assignment of Proceeds (AOP)
  • Escrow Agreements
  • Inventory Financing (or Factoring)
  • Director and Parental Guarantees

LeasingWhy are we promoting leasing

so much? Well, leasing gives your customers the opportunity to benefit from the latest technology while leaving room for future investments. It also protects from the risk of technology obsolescence. Avnet determines the right leasing formula for your customer and manages the paperwork while at the same time ensuring that the proceeds go into your hands as quickly as possible. The combination of hard- and software and your own services is treated as one single leased asset, thus producing a transparent and secure basis of calculation for you and your customers.

Avnet is partnering with IBM Global Financing (IGF) to offer competitive leasing programs. IGF developed a straightforward web-based tool that gives you a lease quote for your clients in under three minutes once you are set up. For more information use the following link


Claudia MüllerCredit & Financial Services Manager, Central Region

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