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Brooks Brothers - Financial Report

VC FUNDING DEALS: Full access to 93,789+ Funding Deals, including breakdowns, terms, and analysis. (View Sample VC Funding Deal, View VC Funding Search) PRIVATE M&A DEALS: Full access to 60,475+ M&A and Private Equity Deals, including deal multiples, deal advisors, and more. (View Sample M&A Deal, View M&A Deal Search) INVESTOR RECORDS AND EMAILS: Full access to 20,614+ Investor Profiles, including PE Firms, VC Firms, Angel Groups, & more with PARTNER & EXEC. NAMES AND DIRECT EMAILS! (View Sample Investor Report) Accessories Children's Apparel Employee Uniforms Brooks Brothers NAICS Codes:Brooks Brothers SIC Codes:PrivCo Industries Sector > Industry > Sub-industry The PrivCo Industry Classification System™ (PICS) is our proprietary, modernized industry classification system, geared especially toward privately-held companies and including newer emerging sub-industries that are not reflected in other outdated industry classification systems, such as SIC and NAICS.

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Financial Statements: Tutorials

Topics Accounting 101: The Basics The preparation of the financial statements is the seventh step in the 9-step accounting cycle. We will take a look at them first before getting into the whole process for you to have a picture of what we are trying to produce in an accounting system. The financial statements are the end-product reports of accounting. The preparation of the financial statements is thesummarizingphase of accounting. A complete set of financial statements is made up offivecomponents: an Income Statement, a Statement of Changes in Equity, a Balance Sheet, a Statement of Cash Flows, and Notes to Financial Statements.

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Quarterly & Annual Results

To order a printed copy of our current annual report, please submit a request form. 2016 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 & FY Earnings Release Earnings Slides Financials Annual Report & 10-K         10-K         Proxy Statement       2015 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 & FY Earnings Release Earnings Slides Financials Annual Report & 10-K       10-K       Proxy Statement       Fact Book       2014 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 & FY Earnings Release Earnings Slides Financials Annual Report & 10-K       Proxy

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What kind of financial reporting requirements does GAAP set out?

A:Per generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP), companies are responsible for providing reports on their cash flows, profit-making operations and overall financial conditions. There are three major financial statements required under GAAP: the income statement, the balance sheet and the cash flow statement. The income statement recaps the revenue earned by a company during the reporting period, along with any corresponding expenses. This includes revenue from operating and non-operating activities, allowing investors and lenders to evaluate profitability.

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Lehman Brothers Annual Report 2007

1. 2006 Annual Report In 2006,Lehman Brothers’ diversified global growth strategy identified numerous opportunities around the world. Our strategy remains to:continue to invest in a diversified mix of businesses;expand the number of clients we cover;be more effective in delivering the entire Firm to our clients;effectively manage risk, capital and expenses;and further strengthen our culture. LehmanBrothers2006AnnualReport 2. 2006 Annual Report In 2006,Lehman Brothers’ diversified global growth strategy identified numerous opportunities around the world.

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Financial Statements: Pension Plans

By David Harper (Contact David)Following from the preceding section focusing on long-term liabilities, this section focuses on a special long-term liability, the pension fund. For many companies, this is a very large liability and, for the most part, it is not captured on the balance sheet. We could say that pensions are a type of off-balance-sheet financing. Pension fund accounting is complicated and the footnotes are often torturous in length, but the good news is that you need to understand only a few basics in order to know the most important questions to ask about a company with a large pension fund.

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Western Union 2015 Annual Report

12500 East Belford Avenue Englewood, CO 80112 +1-720-332-1000 +1-866-405-5012 Transfer Agent and Registrar Stockholders with questions concerning their stock holdings or dividends or with address changes should contact: Wells Fargo Bank, N. A. Shareowner Services PO Box 64854 St. Paul, MN 55164-0854 Shareowner Relations Phone Numbers +1-651-450-4064 +1-800-468-9716 Independent Registered PublicAccounting Firm Ernst & Young LLP 370 17th Street, Suite 3300 Denver, CO 80202 Financial Information and Reports The Company routinely issues press releases and quarterly and annual financial reports.

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VALUE PFRS Corporation: 2015 Illustrative PFRS consolidated financial statements

This publication presents illustrative consolidated financial statements for a fictitious listed company, VALUE PFRS Corporation. The financial statements comply with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) as issued at 30 April 2015 and that apply to financial years commencing on or after 1 January 2015. We have attempted to create a realistic set of financial statements for VALUE PFRS Corporation, a corporate entity that manufactures goods, provides services and holds investment property. However, as this publication is a reference tool, we have not removed any disclosures based on materiality.

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Coca-Cola Co. (KO) | Income Statement

Difficulty: Beginner The income statement presents information on the financial results of a company's business activities over a period of time. The income statement communicates how much revenue the company generated during a period and what cost it incurred in connection with generating that revenue. Coca-Cola Co. , Consolidated Income Statement 12 months ended Dec 31, 2015 Dec 31, 2014 Dec 31, 2013 Dec 31, 2012 Dec 31, 2011 Net operating revenues 44,294  45,998  46,854  48,017  46,542  Cost of goods sold (17,482) (17,889) (18,421) (19,053) (18,216) Gross profit 26,812  28,109  28,433  28,964  28,326  Selling, general and administrative expenses (16,427) (17,218) (17,310) (17,738) (17,440) Other operating charges (1,657) (1,183) (895) (447) (732) Operating income 8,728  9,708  10,228  10,779  10,154  Interest income 613  594  534  471  483  Interest expense (856) (483) (463) (397) (417) Equity income, net 489  769  602  819  690  Other income (loss), net 631  (1,263) 576  137  529  Income before income taxes 9,605  9,325  11,477  11,809  11,439  Income taxes (2,239) (2,201) (2,851) (2,723) (2,805) Consolidated net income 7,366  7,124  8,626  9,086  8,634  Net income attributable to noncontrolling interests (15) (26) (42) (67) (62) Net income attributable to shareowners of The Coca-Cola Company 7,351  7,098  8,584  9,019  8,572  Source: Coca-Cola Co.

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Measurement of the Elements of Financial Statements

Here is a verbatim copy of some paragraphs of the International Accounting Standard Board´s (Updated on 02-11-2014) Buy the ebook Framework for the Preparation and Presentation of Financial Statements (1989) Measurement of the Elements of Financial Statements Par. 99. Measurement is the process of determining the monetary amounts at which the elements of the financial statements are to be recognised and carried in the balance sheet and income statement. This involves the selection of the particular basis of measurement. Par. 100. A number of different measurement bases are employed to different degrees and in varying combinations in financial statements.

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