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Financial statements serve as an important tool used in almost every business. The money that comes in and the payments going out tell a story about a company's financial health. Firms have different motivations for producing comparative and non-comparative financial statements, and each provides useful information in its own way. Comparative statements represent data from several accounting periods. This might consist of a few years' worth of financial statements on an annual basis. Comparative statements are also put in terms of month-to-month comparisons or quarter-to-quarter comparisons.

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Year 2011

As a further step towards modernization of its banking operations and facilitating its customers through superior banking services by business oriented IT solutions, Sindh Bank Limited has launched its ATM services by joining hands with Avanza Solutions. The agreement to this effect was signed by Mr. Muhammad Bilal Sheikh, President, Sindh Bank Limited and Mr. Mahmood Kapurwala, CEO, Avanza Solutions, at a special ceremony held here on August 1, 2011. Through a wide range of financial services Sindh Bank is trying to create an enabling environment in the country with a particular focus on Sindh for its greater role in the economic development of the country.

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