50+ Business Start-Ups in a Recession

Looking at Home-Based Business Ideas for Tought Times.

Ideas are everywhere. Your imagination and dreams can carry you into a most successful home-based business, in spite of the current tough economic times. We will look at some home-based business ideas, which almost anyone can do with ease, and with little start up cash.

The idea with having your own home-based business is to use what you know how to do, incorporate it into your own series of ideas, and then create a business plan that will work for you. Your home-based business may be simple or it may be complex, but the key to success is doing what you do best and enjoying it. If you enjoy doing the work, you will be far more likely to work hard to make it work for you. You will experience the joy of being your own boss and creating the image you want to portray of your business.

Think about how you can draw the following 50+ home-based business ideas into your plans, and use one or more of them to create your own home-based business. Let’s get started.

1. Online Auctions One of the simplest ways to make money online is by selling items at online auctions. Many home-based entrepreneurs have joined wholesaler’s networks and have found supply sources to get items at a reasonable rate and sell them at a much higher rate than purchased. There are several ways to work this moneymaking method, including buying items at garage sales, auctions, and estate sales, and then reselling them. Some of the hottest selling items are replica jerseys, autographed merchandise, computer items, and cameras. Develop a plan to maintain a watch over the items you are selling, and keep track of the sale of the item. Set the item aside when it is sold, so that when you get the money for it you are ready to mail it.

2. Collectibles Dealer –Here’s one way to work this home-based business. As a collectibles dealer, look in your local newspaper and on bulletin boards in stores, and wherever you shop for estate or auction sales. Read the list to get an idea of what is being sold and determine whether or not you want to attend this sale.

Sought after items include vintage dolls. Many adults have an impressive collection of dolls. Some of these dolls are handmade, while others are made in factories. Still others may wish to purchase porcelain dolls, clay dolls, wooden dolls, dolls of historical figures. This opportunity can be a true moneymaker.

3. Computer Training/Program Installation Service – You can make a good income by providing private lessons to persons with new computers. Many persons simply have no knowledge of how to use the basic programs on a computer. If you are patient, caring, and want to help people, there are a number of places for you to do business.

Many people purchase computers knowing nothing about adding programs, updating programs, and installation of programs. In this simple to do business, you can either work out your own location or work on site where the computer is located. The customer calls you and has either bought or wants you to buy a computer program for their computer. You take a little time to show them how to start the program and get them up and running. In the price that you have included is the option for them to call you for the next several days and ask questions.

4. Computer Upgrade Service – There are any numbers of ways to work this home-based business. First, visit the computer store selling software and upgrades, and ask to place your business cards on the counter. Talk to the sales persons and the manager, and explain to them the benefit of having you work on an on call basis. You may either go to the person’s home or pick up the computer and take it to your place.

5. Word Processing – This home-based business can be done online as well as locally and nationally. There are any numbers of sites on the Internet where you can “bid” on jobs.

6. Vacation Rentals – This home-based business will take some legwork and some advertising, but the best way to operate this business is to look around for persons who may wish to rent or sublease their vacation homes when they are not living in them. This is a big business for persons living in any popular vacation site. One of the hottest spots to locate persons to sublet property is in areas where family vacations are most welcome. Places such as Branson, MO, Eureka Springs, AR, and Hot Springs, AR are places where families can get together in a family style setting and have fun while they relax.

7. Dollhouse Maker – There is a huge market, yet unexplored, for dollhouse making. Throughout the USA and Canada, there are persons who make and collect miniature furniture and figures for dollhouses. They buy these figures and furniture, often theme or collections, to display as part of their hobby. These people may look for years to find the right handmade dollhouse for their figures.

8. Novelty Items – These fun items are everywhere and sold almost anywhere. They can be theme items, or just fun items. Some novelty items to consider making are ID tags for animals and their friends. The ideas for making ID tags are practically endless, as you carve names on tags for human and animals alike. Market them in gift shops, specialty shops, pet stores, etc.

Other novelty items to consider making are key chains. You can cut wood or metal, add figures with paint, carving, wood-burning, beads, etc. to design any number of different shapes and styles of key chains. These novelty items can be made and sold quite easily. You can set them up in a place with heavy traffic, foot and automobile, or in a shop. People are always looking for something new and different.

Try setting up a site at a “tail gate” party or at a swap meet, and watch what happens.

9. Organizing/Decorating Children’s Rooms – Children’s rooms are often a living nightmare for parents. You can help solve this dilemma for them with your organization and decorating service. An ad in the local paper, or on bulletin boards, and word of mouth will get you stared.

Here’s how this works: You make an appointment with the person needing your help and make an evaluation of the child’s room. This is done under an agreement of a non-refundable fee per hour for consultation. You take your camera along with you and snap pictures, making notes of location of windows, doors closets, etc. Measure closets, etc. Talk with the client to determine whether they have a theme idea or any ideas what they would like done to the child’s room. You may suggest items such as wooden clothes racks in animal shapes, etc. Find out from the client what spending limits they have in mind to organize the room, and then work up a plan to fit his or her needs. If your ideas surpass your customer’s budget, present him or her with a basic plan with add-on options. The basic plan can be used over and over again, adding options and expanding the work the customer wants done.

10. Photographer – If you have an eye for photography, then you will be an instant hit. In many areas, you can work as a freelance photographer and make a good income. You can work this business in several ways, depending upon your own needs. Take pictures and sell them, photographing children, babies, weddings, celebrations, and parties.

11. Publicist – Many groups or organizations cannot afford a full-time publicist to handle press releases, new product information, and other pertinent information about the products they sell. You work with the company to supply information and press releases using materials provided to you by the group, and you get paid for it. This is an easy-to-do business, and home-based entrepreneurs can charge $25–$50+ per hour for the work they do.

12. Printer – Design and print your own line of greeting cards which include birthday, wedding, graduation, get well, thinking of you, encouragement, and sympathy cards. Create new and original messages in your cards, and sell them in packets of 10.

13. Storyteller – If you have a good imagination and a flair for telling stories, then you can create a home-based story-telling business. Just think of the different ways you can work a business like this one. Let your imagination soar as you prepare to tell the stories to adults, children, senior adults, family gatherings, historical events, etc.

14. Yard Decorations – This is another home-based business idea for people who work with their hands. You can use metal or plywood to create your designs. It all depends upon you. Have you ever driven down the road and seen a duck, cow, cat, bear, cowboy, or horse, cut out in anyone’s yard? Did you ever wonder where they got these decorations? From people like you or from garden stores is the most likely source. If you have a jigsaw or can wield a paintbrush, then you can give life to these creatures. Seasonal themes are especially popular. When you find out how much these items sell for, making and selling them gets more interesting than ever.

15 – 37. Writing – There are any number of home-based business ideas for persons who enjoy writing. Because we are limited in space, we will list a few of the types of services you can offer as a writer, realizing you already know how to make these services work.

  1.  Letter writing
  2.  Poetry
  3.  Medical reports
  4.  Business reports
  5. Proofreading
  6. Editorial services
  7. Research
  8. Copywriting
  9. Play writer
  10. Non-fiction writer
  11. Technical writer
  12. Term paper writer
  13. Genealogy/family histories
  14. Fiction writer
  15. Puzzle maker
  16. Trivia writer
  17. Ad writer
  18. Ghostwriter
  19. Proposal writer
  20.  Newsletter writer
  21. Course writer
  22. Booklet writer
  23. “How to” information books

38 – 59. Secretarial Services – Yet another area where most people can fit in and make money is through having their own type of secretarial service. You can work as a “temp,” or you can work “freelance” providing any type and number of services for your clients. Here are some of the types of services you may offer:

  1. Mailing service
  2. Faxing service
  3. Resume writer
  4. Business reports
  5. Term papers
  6. Screenplays
  7. Programs
  8. Bulletins
  9. Newsletters
  10. Invoices
  11. Financial reports
  12. Business letters
  13. Collection letters
  14. Legal documents
  15. Scripts for television
  16. Dissertations
  17. Manuscript typing
  18. Editing
  19. Filing
  20. Mailing lists
  21. Medical reports
  22. Legal documents  

Who says coming up with a home-based business in tough economic times is difficult? It isn’t! All you need to do is to learn how to do your business, how to promote it, and how to get started. Most home-based businesses speak for themselves. When you produce quality services and products, people will want to come back and do business with you again. Just look around you to see what is needed. Where can you fit into supplying a need or solving a problem? What ideas can you generate which will make someone’s life a little better?

A home-based business gives you a chance to set your sites on unlimited growth and money making potential when you learn how to create and run your business using the right strategy. With your own home-based business, you aren’t threatened by layoffs and down-sizing in these tough economic times, like the big corporations are.  More than likely, you already know what you can do but haven’t set a plan into action. Now is the time to get started and to make money from home. HBM 

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