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How to Start a Cake Decorating Business From Your Home

by Louise Balle 1. Secure any food related permits you need to operate this business lawfully from your home. The rules vary by state, but in many cases you may need a food handler's permit to work on cakes. The issuing department may also need to inspect your operation from time to time to make sure the company is consistent with health codes. 2. Network with bakeries and other at-home cake making operations like yours in your area to offer up your decorating services. Offer to decorate a cake for free to serious, potential clients so that you can prove your skills and get started.

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Home-Based Business: Ensure a Smooth Tax Season

via Pexels The new year leaves you feeling with mixed emotions. You’re excited to start crossing off your resolutions, but you’re also nursing the lingering holiday hangover. To top it off, this time of year officially kicks off tax season…sigh. When you file taxes as a solo business owner, things are more complicated than those days when you may have a received a tax form (W2 in the US) from a single employer. However, flying solo, you’ve also got plenty of opportunities to trim your tax bill. Related: All You Need to Know About Tax Season in 2017 With that in mind, we outline tax time tips for all home-based, small business owners.

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Top 10 Home Business Tax Tips

It is said so often that it has become a bit of a cliché, but one of the great virtues of starting a home business are the tax breaks you can claim. Another popular belief surrounding home businesses, however, is that claiming aggressive - and maybe slightly exaggerated - write-offs is a sure-fire way to attract IRS auditors. In this article, we'll look at some of the more popular home business write-offs as well as some tips on how you can legitimately claim them. (Homebodies can save big on their tax bill. Learn how to get in on the action.

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Comparison of QuickBooks Pro & Quicken Home Business

by Steve Lander Quicken Home & Business is an enhanced version of the Quicken personal finance program. While Quicken can create invoices and track business expenses, Home & Business adds limited accounting functions -- including accounts receivable and payable tracking. It can also keep track of client jobs and your mileage log while also helping you create a business plan. QuickBooks Pro has no personal finance functions, so you cannot use it to track your money outside of your business. It adds much more robust business reporting with more than 100 reports available as well as additional features in its accounts receivable and payable modules.

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The Best Home Inventory Software of 2017

A comprehensive home inventory is essential for emergency and insurance purposes. Documenting all of your belongings and valuables ensures you can replace them should they be damaged or lost through fire, theft or natural disaster. Once a laborious and time-consuming task, compiling an all-inclusive inventory is now quick and easy with home inventory software. Such applications include robust features that allow you to build meticulous inventories for every room in your home. While all inventory applications offer the same primary function of asset management, they can vary greatly when it comes to features and their full range of functionality.

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BT Business Hub 3 – And Cisco ASA 5500

KB ID 0000762Dtd26/02/13 Problem Warning: If your ASA is running version 8. 3(4) or above you are going to have problems assigning public IP addresses from your allocated BT Range (jump to the bottom of the article for a resolution). You have a pool of public IP addresses and you wish to allocate one of these IP addresses to your Cisco ASA Firewall. Note: This is for customers using BOTH ADSL and BT Infinity Solution For this procedure I was running an ASA5505 (Unlimited) with version 8. 4(5). You will need to know the public IP address range allocated to you by BT (and the IP allocated to the router/hub).

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Platform:Mac Microsoft Office is the most-trusted and most-used productivity suite around the world. And Office for Mac 2011 is here to help you do more with your Mac on your terms. Amazon. com With over 1 billion PCs and Macs running Office, Microsoft Office is the most-trusted and most-used productivity suite around the world. And Office for Mac 2011 is here to help you do more with your Mac on your terms. Use Word to create dynamic papers, Excel to format your data quickly, PowerPoint to help engage your audience and take your ideas further, and Outlook to stay close to your contacts and calendars.

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Home Based Business - How to Start a Business From Home

Alex Ikonn and his wife Mimi launched Luxyhair. com after they realized how hard it was to find great hair extensions in the marketplace. This hair extensions ecommerce retailer has built their business on the fan audience they’ve attracted through YouTube tutorial videos. They have a serious following, which is exactly what has enabled them to grow their business to seven figures since 2010! From $0 to $120,000 in monthly sales, Beardbrand. com is as incredible a story as they come. This is a company that lives and breathes the brand they’ve created, selling beard care products, beard grooming kits and other beard related propaganda.

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Owning a Profitable Home Cleaning Service

I've owned a number of businesses throughout my life, and one of the most profitable businesses you could start or own is a home cleaning business. For the context of this article, I'm going to keep the focus on a house cleaning service that would include only one or two people. Why? You can make a really good living by yourself, or if you're a husband/wife cleaning team, or a couple of colleagues running and operating the business. When I ran my home cleaning company about 30 years ago, I grossed over $50,000 a year. Do you want to know how much of that was expenses? About 3 percent.

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How Can I Start a Home Based Business?

What should I know before starting a home based business? I get asked this question all the time. What is the secret to starting a home based business? OK, lets have some fun together. There is no secret but there are some important principles that must not be overlooked. So you are excited and ready to start your home based business. You have a new great product or service that you want to share to the world. Ready to start your home based business I have been working online now for a number of years and the most important key ingredient to creating online success is to find the right mentor to follow.

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