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IRIS Software Group acquires PS Financials

Accountancy and human capital management software provider IRIS Software Group, is today announcing it has acquired financial management software firm PS Financials. Peterborough-headquartered PS Financials provides accounting, purchasing, budgeting and reporting software to more than 2,900 organisations. The acquisition brings 136 highly skilled and experienced staff into IRIS across two locations – Peterborough and London. The company services a range of markets with its award winning unified ledger solution, including commercial, finance, hospitality, health & social care and not-for-profit.

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SEBI Financial Education Resource Persons Programme

DuringOctober-December 2012 , NISM has conducted three empanelment programs for SEBI Financial Education Resource Persons Program, at Chennai, Kolkata and at Bengaluru. The program at Chennai could cover 76 candidates, all of them were trained and empanelled as SEBI Financial Education Resource Persons. The empanelment interview for Chennai centre was conducted on25th August, 2012and after an interaction by SEBI and NISM officials, 76 candidates were found eligible and suitable for empanelment. The workshop for these candidates was held during 26th August to 1st September, 2012.

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Lipper International Bamboo Wood Kitchen Trolley Wine Holder & Storage 8914

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Wonder Pets

Hop in the Flyboat for a third season of Wonder Pet rescues! Help the Easter Bunny and a Visitor from outer space. Save meerkats, a mermaid, and the Loch Ness Monster! Even save the day in Wonderland … with the Wonder Pets! Season 3, episode 1, The Flyboat breaks down during the rescue of a baby raccoon stuck in a recycling bin. What can the Wonder Pets use to fix it?/Linny determines a mysterious phone call has come from the Loch Ness Monster who needs their help! Season 3, episode 2, The Wonder Pets help a Cool Cat and Hip Hippo how to take turns at a jazz performance in Greenwich Village.

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Survey on measuring financial literacy and financial inclusion

The OECD invited countries to participate in an international data collection exercise for measuring financial literacy and financial inclusion using a core questionnaire designed for global use. The survey ended on 8 July 2016. This core questionnaire is available in the 2015 update of the OECD/INFE Toolkit for measuring financial literacy and financial inclusion. Developed by the OECD/INFE, the first version of the Toolkit was welcomed by G20 leaders in 2013. Participating countries were requested to collect data from a representative sample of (at least) 1,000 adults and submit the results to the OECD/INFE for analysis.

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The Best Places To Eat In The Financial District - New York

The Financial District is an area full of contradictions. On one hand, it’s New York’s oldest neighborhood, with plenty of historic landmarks and winding cobblestone streets. And our country’s economy is figuratively, if not literally, run here. On the other hand, it’s filled with nondescript tall buildings, a million weird delis that definitely don’t change their salad bar contents frequently enough, and tourists with Statue of Liberty souvenirs. All that aside, many of you seem to find yourselves down here during meal times, unsure of where or what to eat that’s neither Pret A Manger nor The Capital Grille.

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A-Z Stadium Information - Lincoln Financial Field

AAA offers post-game roadside assistance for up to three (3) hours following each Eagles home game.   Limited service is available including lockout rescue, flat tire service and jump-starts.   For assistance, Guests are encouraged to call 1. 800. AAA. HELP or contact your nearest event staff or security personnel.  Eagles Fan Zone Seats   Eagles Fan Zone is located in Sections C9 to C15 of Lincoln Financial Field. .   Eagles Fan Zone tickets for Section C9 through C15 are valid for stadium admission.   However, they do NOT entitle the ticket holders access to the SCA or West Club Lounges.

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Google Map Maker

Some features displayed on the map may have been recently added or edited by Google users and pending approval. Open Invite your friends to map the world! Email addresses (Enter up to 5 @gmail. com addresses separated by commas)Add a note to the invitation Source:  Google Map MakerWould you like to mark the outline of the building?Would you like to mark the boundary of the premises?Would you like to mark the outline of the building or draw the boundary of the premises?Mark building outlineMark boundaryPlace ClosedPlace Removed Place marked Duplicate (view original) Address cannot be changed since it has a pending edit by another user.

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How to Save Electricity at Home

1 Use more natural lighting. Do you tend to keep the curtains and blinds closed and flip on the overhead lights? Letting your house flood with natural light instead can lead to big electricity savings. [1] Unless you need strong, focused light to complete a particular task, try leaving the lights off during the day and embracing the sun's rays in the rooms you're using. Try to set up your family's daytime work and play space in the brightest room in your house. That way everyone can read, work on art projects, use computers, and so on without relying on artificial lighting.

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Justice, Fairness… Wealth Maximization? Questioning the Moral Justification for Richard Posner’s Normative Law & Economic Theory

Jeffrey Lenowitz | 2005   I argue that, despite his best effort, Richard Posner fails to justify the principle of wealth maximization, which serves as the centerpiece to his normative law & economic theory. Briefly stated, the principle of wealth-maximization directs the courts to maximize wealth by mimicking the market when it fails and allocating goods and rights to the parties that value them most. Wealth is defined as the sum total of all goods and services weighted by their values, and value is measured by looking at how much a person or party is willing to pay for the good in question.

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