What Happens if You Cash in a Savings Bond Before the Maturity Date?

Savings bonds are very secure, but usually yield little after inflation. For little kids, receiving a savings bond as a gift might seem as useful as that ugly sweater grandma sewed or as exciting as a new pair of socks. However, if you've been sitting on the bonds for a while, but haven't reached the 30-year maturity period, you might be considering changing your investments and cashing in the bonds. Both Series E/EE and Series I have minimum holding periods of 12 months. If you bought your bond less 12 months ago, you cannot cash it in.

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wellness+ with Plenti Terms & Conditions

Coupon acceptance. Outside of manufacturer coupons, wellness+ or Plenti card is required for Rite Aid coupon redemption. See the Rite Aid Coupon Acceptance Policy for complete details. wellness+ Points accrual. wellness+ points accrued are based on the calendar year. Customers earn one (1) point for every dollar spent on eligible purchases they make when they scan their card at the register. Customers earn 25 wellness+ points for every non-government funded prescription filled. Government-funded prescriptions earn 1 wellness+ point for every dollar spent on co-pays (not to exceed 25 wellness+ points per prescription).

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MasterCard credit cards

First National's MasterCard has what you need the most - convenience. Purchase goods and services anywhere MasterCard is accepted and protect your checking account from overdrafts with your card. Many additional benefits are available. Read details of rate, fee and other cost information (235 KB PDF). Contact us now to apply. FirstCredit Savings-Secured MasterCard If you've been looking for a way to begin to establish or re-establish a good credit rating look no further. You determine your credit line by designating the amount you wish to pledge from your First National savings account.

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Al Ward's Photoshop Productivity Toolkit: Over 600 Time-Saving Actions: Al Ward: 0025211443347: Books

Get Better Results, Save Precious Time, and Focus on What You Really Want to Do Photoshop puts an astonishing amount of power in your hands. But that power comes at a price: it's easy to get lost in the program's complexity and spend far too much time on repetitive tasks when you could be focusing on creative work. The secret is to do what power users do—let Photoshop’s automation features handle the monotonous work and free up your valuable time. This unrivaled resource from actions guru Al Ward supplies you with over 600 Photoshop actions that you can instantly apply to your work.

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‘Big Gas Savings’: Kmart’s Funny Followup to the Viral ‘Ship My Pants’ Ad

Kmart surprised consumers everywhere recently with the “Ship My Pants” ad, a viral juvenile-humor hit viewed more than 17 million times on YouTube since being released in April. Now, the all-purpose discount retailer appears to have struck goofy gold yet again, with an online ad promoting Kmart’s “big gas savings. ” Say either phrase quickly — “ship my pants,” “big gas savings” — and you get the joke. Each of these phrases is repeated and tweaked over and over in their respective ads. “Whoah, I just might ship my pants,” a woman says, upon hearing word from a Kmart sales staffer describing the retailer’s service that ships goods for free to customers who can’t find items them want in stores.

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Net National Savings Rate, the Best Alternative Indicator to GDP Growth

For us the Net National Savings Rate is the best alternative indicator to GDP growth. The Net National Savings Rate (NNSR) is rather positively correlated with the change in wealth, with the establishment of future productive capacity, the price of government bonds and currency valuations. The relationship of GDP growth to those four criteria, however, is often a negative correlation. We critized GDP growth that has become mostly an indicator of consumption and activity. We emphasized that strong GDP growth, in particular consumption-driven (hyper-) activity may lead to a depreciating currency, falling government bond prices and wealth in real terms.

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Iraq Dumps Daylight Saving Time in 2008

For the first time in many years Iraq will not observe daylight saving time, which usually falls on April 1 each year. The decision to cancel daylight saving time in 2008 was made at a meeting for Iraq's Council of Ministers recently. Iraq turned the switch off DST in 2008. ©iStockphoto. com/Denis Vorob'yevA Change of TimesFor some citizens, the abolition of daylight saving time marks another change that comes with the political changes over the past few years.   However, there are also claims that there is no relationship between the daylight saving cancellation and governmental changes, as the decision was a matter of science.

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Groupon Discount Code

0 Free£5Reward at Groupon £0. 00@ Groupon To be eligible for your reward you must make your purchase online via voucherbox. co. uk using the link provided. Your claim will not be valid if you click on any other links or websites after voucherbox. co. uk, before making your online purchase. Rewards are not valid in conjunction with any other cashback or voucher code promotion. The buying process must have taken place online during the promotion period. The transaction must be made in GBP (Pound Sterling). You must send a valid online purchase receipt showing proof of a single purchase with the given minimum order value (excluding gift cards and delivery costs).

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Enfield, CT Banks

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Can a Smart Thermostat Actually Save You Money?

Smart thermostats are convenient, and claim they can save you a lot of money on your energy bills. But is a smart thermostat actually worth the price and effort? What Smart Thermostats Do If you don’t know much about smart thermostats, you might think they’re magical devices that can completely change the way you heat and cool your house. That’s…. slightly true, we suppose. Smart thermostats allow you to change various thermostat settings from your smartphone–and, in some cases, a web browser, computer, or with your voice using a device like the Amazon Echo.

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