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How to Categorize Business Transactions — Bench

Even if you outsource bookkeeping to someone else, having a solid understanding of how the process works will help you make sense your financial statements and use them to grow your business. In this guide, we’ll cover one of the most fundamental principles of small business bookkeeping: how to categorize business transactions. Let’s take a look at how money is classified and recorded as it enters and exits your business. Credits and Debits At its core, bookkeeping is the practice of tracking where money has come from and gone to. Although every business may be different on the surface, when it comes to bookkeeping, every business’s transactions are considered as credits and debits.

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The Best Small Business Web Hosting

Do you need web hosting for your small business?   Some web hosts provide a higher-class of services specifically for small businesses.   Since it’s hard to determine what the best small business web hosting companies are on your own, we’ve done the hard work and selected the cream of the crop. The Top 10 Small Business Web Hosts So you’ve decided to launch a new business. Or perhaps you’re managing a growing business and need to upgrade the website. No matter what kind of business you’re running, you’re going to need reliable business web hosting, a fast website, and a web host with customer support you can depend on.

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Business news, business advice and information for Australian SMEs - SmartCompany

A series of raunchy posters promoting Anzac Day-themed parties at several Australian pubs and nightclubs have been criticised as “insensi… UK-based sports fashion retailer JD Sports will open the doors of its first Australian retail location tomorrow after announcing earlier t… Startup founders may have thought their leadership positions were safe from the rise of the machines, but Alibaba founder Jack Ma believes c… While 2016’s federal budget was all about securing Australia’s innovative future, there’s little doubt this year’s national economic bluepri… Startup Advice leadership seo Startup Advice Partner Content Business Advice Technology People & Human Resources Energy and Resources Date: Wednesday 26th - Friday 28th AprilLocation: SydneyLearn more Date: Thursday 27th - Friday 28th Location: MelbourneLearn more Date: Monday 15th - 18th May Location: Pyrmont Learn more Date: Monday 15th - Thursday 18th MayLocation: SydneyLearn more Date: Monday 15th-Thursday 18 May Location: SydneyLearn more RETAIL Chinese retail giant Alibaba is among a group of multinational retailers that is insisting local small businesses will be left worse off by … I’m SmartCompany’s resident Agony Aunt.

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ISO 9001:2015 Handbook for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses, Third Edition

This handbook was developed to help small and medium-sized organizations better understand ISO 9001:2015. It is intended to facilitate implementation and improvement. The establishment, implementation, and maintenance of an ISO 9001–compliant quality management system (QMS) should allow the organization to experience multiple benefits beyond the achievement of certification. Organizations should also see improvements in the quality of products, customer satisfaction, and process effectiveness—all of which ultimately have a positive impact on the bottom line.

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How to Secure Business Financing Without a Personal Guarantee

As a business owner looking to secure the capital your business needs to grow, many people may tell you that it's impossible to obtain a business loan without a personal guarantee. While this is generally true for a brand new business, if you plan for it from the outset, you can build your business credit fairly quickly and potentially eliminate the need for a personal guarantee for an expansion loan once your business is up and running. Business credit is not nearly as difficult to secure as it may seem. No doubt, it is a long and drawn out process.

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Welcome to the Small Business Community – Making Small Business Easier. The Small Business Community Association was created by Rich Thurman, the founder and CEO of Think, Automate & Grow. After twenty five years of real world experience in both small and large business, Rich Thurman authored a book about marketing, customer attraction, and presence, and now applies his knowledge and experience to new businesses through the Small Business Community Association. As the official website for small businesses, the Small Business Community Association provides the information and resources necessary for business owners to start, expand, and run their businesses.

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Products & Pricing

The NetSuite ERP software includes a CRM system, accounting system, supply chain management, manufacturing, human resources and an e-commerce storefront. NetSuite is a browser based (thin client) application. In general terms, SaaS systems are delivered over the Internet to users’ web browsers from a centrally hosted data center. SaaS largely eliminates the costs associated with installing and maintaining business applications within the customer’s IT infrastructure. SaaS systems are typically licensed for a monthly or annual subscription fee instead of the larger up front capital investments required of the more traditional on-premise enterprise applications.

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Small Business & Food Franchising Opportunities in Ahmedabad

Constant source of income, low investment, and speedy set up is what a food business enthusiast seeks and a food franchise business perfectly fits the bill. First time entrepreneur to start a food business, struggles to have a solid business plan, an efficient team, effective marketing strategy, procurement of material and real time guidance. But with The Chocolate Room franchising, one can skip the elementary phase of struggle and achieve a fruitful food business without much ado. Why The Chocolate Room Franchise in Ahmedabad? Ahmedabad, also referred as the Manchester of East, is a fast-growing city in India that takes pride in embracing an ever-increasing chain of coffee shop establishments.

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Small-Business Tax Deduction Checklist

by Jennifer Alyson The IRS allows you to deduct employee expenses, including salaries and contributions to retirement plans. You can also deduct premiums you pay for staffers' medical insurance. In certain cases, you can take a tax credit on premiums to reduce your company's taxable income. If you have fewer than 10 full-time equivalent employees earning a yearly average of $25,000 or less, and you cover at least half of your workers' insurance premiums, you can claim 35 percent of that cost. A business with fewer than 25 full-time equivalent workers and annual wages that average $50,000 or less can qualify for a smaller credit.

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Basic Bookkeeping Forms; Excel, Quickbooks Template & Income Tax Deduction Lists

Welcome to my basic bookkeeping forms, excel & quickbooks templates page. Do you have a small business and just want to get your bookkeeping going already? Or, are you a bookkeeper who just needs a little help getting the books started?The free basic bookkeeping forms, excel & quickbooks templates and tax deduction lists you find here should help you to get moving right away. Feel free to go ahead and download and/or copy any of the bookkeeping templates you find on these web pages. Excel Bookkeeping Template These convenient excel bookkeeping templates are great when you don't want to spend a lot of money on accounting software when getting started.

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